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To have the largest and most respected multi-media library of imperative and inspiring information serving the global conscious community.


To educate the global community with crucial information that will develop empowered and responsible individuals.


We are a husband and wife team who decided to bring 'imperative' information to the world by interviewing authors, scientists, doctors and metaphysicians who have experience with a large array of subjects. We wanted to investigate phenomena, shine light into the darkest corners of society, research the mysterious aspects of our existence and bring forth the brightest methodologies for personal development and sustainability.

We started Conscious Media Network with our personal savings and have offered it freely to anyone seeking this type of information since April 2005. We were helped by donations from viewers but since January 2008 started a subscription model to support the ongoing availability of the information. This is a project driven by purpose. We believe it should never have been required at all, if the media was telling us what we needed to know with integrity.

Because there was a growing disparity between what we were seeing, hearing and feeling with what was being pumped out by the international media machine, we decided to research the kind of information that would never be seen on TV and wasn't getting out into the mainstream press, because it didn't support the commercial interests of the powerful elite and was keeping the masses safely ignorant and distracted.

We are not about revolution; we are about evolution, the pursuit of personal development and the application of individual responsibility within our global community.

We have some experience to bring to the table.

Regina has spent over 30 years in the mainstream media, as an NBC sports broadcaster with Bryant Gumbel, a local news anchor, an environmental documentary film maker and host of a national PBS vegetarian cooking show. Regina realized that the public would never get the full truth about the information they really need to know and knows first hand how the information is censored, edited and disfigured so it complies with some sort of grand plan. She is a tireless and dedicated researcher and reads the books of each person she interviews, digging as deeply as possible into the information and potential implications to bring understanding and enlightenment whereve possible.

Scott is British and has a marketing and financial background and was the founder of one of the first video internet portals in 1999, called He is responsible for the production of the web site, the video and radio interviews and providing techical support. We do everything on this site between the two of us. There are no secretaries, assistants, marketing wizz kids, chief overlords barking orders or bespectacled bean counters checking our financial performance. We do this for the greater good, wherever possible, and hope that you take what we are offering in the spirit in which it is intended.

We don't know everything, we don't pretend to understand everything, but we certainly want you to take an active part in watching, listening, reading and making up your own mind about the information you find here. You can take this at your own pace in the safety of your own home by watching the video interviews and listening to the radio shows. You can take them with you by subscribing to the podcast and sharing the information with friends and family. It may not always be comfortable to change and some of you may find the material challenging and somewhat disturbing. In some instances, it could save your life.

There are many fascinating people here who have given their time freely to you, without payment or prior coaching from us - this is who they are, up close and personal and without censorship. This is their work and nearly all of them have put hundreds of hours into their respective subjects, sometimes at a very high personal cost. Whatever your interest, we hope there will be material here that you'll find inspiring and empowering; and some that will cause you to 'question everything'.


Once you subscribe, all of our interviews in our Interview Archive are available for immediate viewing, along with our suggested Movie trailers (we cannot show the actual movie as this would require a huge license fee), Music, Radio shows, daily Video updates and daily links to articles. If you wish to support us in sustaining this resource and decide to become a subscriber, you get to see all interviews exclusively, along with a bonus video with Regina called The Fifth Element, written transcripts of each interview, plus our video and audio podcast.

For $5 a month, you won't find anything as valuable or as useful to your empowerment. We want to stress here that you are not paying for the information - this is given freely by our interviewees. The subscription is an exchange for our time, skills, resources and committment to providing a platform for this format of delivery.

Take your time looking around. You may just find what you have been looking for all along......

Regina & Scott Meredith

Regina & Scott Meredith
Executive Producers

P.S. We know that there are some who think because this is "spiritual" information that it should all be free. Well it is, kind of and we provided free access to all our interviews for 5 years without anything in return. Now it's time for some mutual support. All the information is still free, in that we do not pay for or seek payment from anyone we interview. We ask you to pay for our work, our experience, our costs and bandwidth by becoming a subscriber in order to sustain this kind of website in the face of traditional "vanity" media or corporately controlled broadcasts. You can't do what we do without some sort of income, so if you think having this kind of information is important and you would like to support us in providing it, we welcome you as a subscriber.

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