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fifth element

Welcome to the Fifth Element.

The series entitled the Fifth Element is where Regina dials into what's striking her as relevant and important in the current times. She shares her own insights and intuition and helps create deeper understanding.

These are available to our subscribers as part of their contribution. For those interested in seeing what they're like, Regina has selected a few example episodes below so you can check them out.

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This month's episode
December 2010: The Gift of Truth

"And the truth shall yet you free" is a saying that we have all heard, but the challenge is in identifying what is truth for us.


Watch a free example from the series
April 2010: Hearing the Female Voice.

Regina is often viewed as the "canary in the coal mine" in that she often connects deeply to what is still forming or approaching.

In this month's Fifth Element, she is speaking of the maturation of the women's movement to take their place at the forefront alongside the men. Growth often comes in awkward fits and starts, for Regina the acknowledgement that it is time for women to have the courage and support to speak their truth came through a feeling of depression and surprising outbursts.

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