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Conscious Music
2 Suns2 Suns

2 Suns is Gary Bettum and Gina Donello who write and perform soulful Rock-n-Roll with conscious, uplifting lyrics.

Stanley Jordan, world class guitarist and musician, called 2 SUNS music "unabashedly spiritual...this music needs to be out there."

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Aelph Edgewood is a singer-song writer/multi-media artist and producer, who enjoys making music and art that affects people at a deep soul level.

Her mix of trance and vocals creates a texture and environment for deep introspection.

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Jon AndersonAnael

Known has the front man for Yes, Jon and Vangelis and many other collaborations, Jon Anderson is a musical legend. Greatly appreciated for his musical prowess, instantly recognisable vocal timbre and conscious spirit, Jon is still playing to awe inspired fans around the world.

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One of Regina's requests, Anael has produced 6 albums of beautiful music for the human spirit, combining music for meditation as well as instrumental tonal music to awaken the soul.

The albums are produced and composed with Bradfield, who has spent a lifetime pursuing his artistic vision, striving to capture what he refers to affectionately as "fleeting glimpses of beauty", those ephemeral moments many of us experience when we feel connected to the Divine Source.

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James AsherJames Asher

Spanning three decades, James Asher's music career began with a long stint composing non-commercial music for soundtracks and library pieces. After deciding to delve deeper and make more serious compositions, he released his commercial debut, The Great Wheel, in 1990. The album reached number 13 on the new age chart and remained on the charts for about two yearsl.

Stylistically, Asher's compositions fell into two camps -- percussion-driven ethnic fusion best displayed by his Feet in the Soil and Feet in the Soil 2 records, and gentler works with a more classic new age sound.

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Atomic SkunkAtomic Skunk

San Francisco Bay Area based electronic musician, Rich Brodsky aka Atomic Skunk, weaves together ambient field recordings, lush pads, and organic acoustic instruments with high-tech arpeggiated synths, glitchy, chaotic rhythms, and haunting melodies to create a unique psychedelic ambient soundscape..

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Simone AwhinaSimone Awhina

Simone is a native of The Netherlands and initially didn't pursue singing as a career. After moving with her husband Nico to set up a business in New Zealand, he tragically died of a brain tumor five years later, resulting in Simone's return home.

She overcame her intense stage nerves and shyness and entered several competitions. To her amazement she was invited to sing for her country in the World Championships for the Performing Arts in Hollywood, gaining a Gold and 2 Bronze awards.

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Thomas BarqueeThomas Barquee

Thomas Barquee was brought up in a Protestant family and attended church frequently, drawn in large part to the sacred music, especially that of J.S. Bach. As a young child, he was also exposed to Beethoven and the Romantic composers, beginning his own study of classical piano and composition at age nine with an internationally renowned teacher in Hamburg, Germany. His first compositions were piano pieces and string quartets, and he served as a church organist from age 16 to 18. By 16, however, Barquee's musical interest was shifting to pop and rock and roll and he even joined a punk rock band.

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Jennifer BerezanJennifer Berezan

Jennifer Berezan is a unique blend of singer/songwriter, teacher, and activist Though her songs often confront universal issues, her perspective is informed by a refreshing and honest intimacy.

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Dante BucciDante Bucci

Dante Bucci fuses world music and melodic indie rock with his pioneering approach to the Hang drum. A native of Philedelphia, Dante is one of the most recognized Hang players in the world.

Solo or backed by a band, Dante’s music always commands a hush - rooms fall silent for him everywhere from neighborhood bars to local venues like the Tin Angel, MilkBoy, and The World Café Live.

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David ByrneDavid Byrne

Born in Dumbarton, Scotland, David Byrne is well known as the musician who co-founded the group Talking Heads (1976–88) in New York. On record and in concert, the band was acclaimed by critics and audiences alike; more importantly, however, they have proven to be extremely influential.

As an artist, David Byrne has been involved with photography and design since his college days and has been publishing and exhibiting his work for the past decade.

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Eva CassidyEva Cassidy

Eva Cassidy was an American vocalist known for her interpretations of jazz, blues, folk, gospel, country and pop classics.

Probably best known for her live solo rendition of "Over the Rainbow" her popularity soared after appearing on UK BBC Radio. She died of melanoma in 1996.

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Will ClipmanWill Clipman

A drummer since the age of three, Will has mastered a pan-global palette of indigenous instruments in addition to the traditional drumset. In a career that has spanned nearly every known musical genre, Will has recorded over fifty albums, including twenty-one for Canyon Records, where he is regarded as the house percussionist.

A veteran of more bands than can be listed here, Will currently records and performs with the R. Carlos Nakai Quartet, the William Eaton Ensemble, the Wilde Boys (Nakai, Eaton & Clipman), Gentle Thunder, Ananeah, Quiet Fire, Sacred Clay, and the Conrads. Will’s music has been honored with two GRAMMY Nominations for Best New Age Album; a NAMA Award for Best Instrumental Album; and a TAMMIE Award for Best Drummer.

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Daniel CoatesCog

Daniel Coates is a Spiritually Conscious Singer/Songwriter. He has a powerful penetrating voice that never fails to move someone who listens to his songs.

Connect is Daniel's first album and marks a culmination of 3 years of songwriting on the road in the USA, Brasil, Argentina and Australia. Connect combines Rock, Pop, Folk, Mantra, Country, African just to name a few, but really Daniel's style is unique to him.

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Three lads from Sydney, Australia and some talented song writing make up the band called Cog.

With powerful guitars and innovative melodies, this band has won fans from around the world with a combination of their songs and the Rabbit Hole News, dedicated to all who wish to explore and research into other streams of information that will help explain and question what is really going on in the world today.

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Alice ColtraneAlice Coltrane

Alice Coltrane has been creating conscious music for five decades. Alice was a devotee of the Indian guru Sathya Sai Baba and in 1972, moved to California, where she established the Vedantic Center. By the late 1970s she had changed her name to Turiyasangitananda.

Following a twenty-five-year break from major public performances, she returned to the stage for three U.S. appearances in the fall of 2006, culminating on November 4 with a concert in San Francisco with her son Ravi, drummer Roy Haynes, and bassist Charlie Haden.

Alice Coltrane died of respiratory failure at West Hills Hospital and Medical Center in suburban Los Angeles in January 2007.

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Krishna DasKrishna Das

Sharing his heart through music and chanting is the basis of Krishna Das' own spiritual work; his way of serving the Divine within himself and others.

Krishna Das has been chanting on a regular basis in yoga centers all over the world. He has taught with Ram Dass and sung for many saints and yogis here in the USA and in India.

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Peter DavisonPeter Davison

Peter Davison is a film and TV composer, music producer and instrumentalist who's music is found on the popular range of Gaiam CD's and DVD's.

His music is uplifting, relaxing and healing, especially the Yoga CD's which many Yoga studios swear by. He has also composed the music for hundreds of television and film soundtracks.

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Donna De LoryDonna De Lory

For Donna De Lory music was ingrained in her soul literally before her birth in Malibu Canyon, CA. Her grandfather played upright bass and cello for the Warner Bros. Studio Orchestra, her father was a studio musician and producer for people like The Beach Boys, Phil Spector and Glen Campbell, and her mother a singer/dancer.

The current band includes Cameron Stone (Tracy Chapman, Jewel) on cello and guitar, bassist, Mark Browne (Melissa Etheridge), Donna De Lory playing harmonium, werlitzer & percussion and drummers, Jay Bellerose (Paula Cole)and Quinn.

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Brett DennenDonna De Lory

Brett Dennen has proven to be one of the brightest emerging talents in music; an artist, through both his records and his performances, who connects with audiences like very few currently do.

The reaction is undoubtedly due to Dennen’s unyielding commitment to be no one other than himself. As he declares, “I make a conscious effort when I’m playing music to stay true to myself. I’m going to do my thing, take my shoes offstage and just be me."

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John DumasJohn Dumas

While living in Sedona, John Dumas was guided by Spirit to create and play the didgeridoo, an instrument used in sacred ceremonies by the aborigines of Australia for over 50,000 years. The didgeridoo produces a unique vibratory resonance that mimics the sounds of Nature awakening our primordial essence. When played over the body it is capable of unlocking cellular memory and balancing the rhythmic flow of the chakras.

Healing through sound is the culmination of John's educational background in Fine Arts, M.S. in Psychology and interest in indegenous cultures.

John travels extensively, teaching, recording, making his beautiful hand-crafted flutes and agave didgeridoos, while finding time to perform an alternative sound therapy he created called Shamanic Journey into Dreamtime.

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William EatonWilliam Eaton

William Eaton grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, he has always returned for holidays and family gatherings to the original home in Lisco, on the river, where his grandmother still lives. When he was seven his Uncle Charlie gave him a ukulele and showed him the chords for "Five-feet-two, Eyes of Blue".

His first performance was before an audience of 800 at Irving Junior High School in Lincoln, playing banjo and guitar with The Balladeers, a folk trio including his older brother. In high school, as lead guitarist for Candy Machine, Eaton spent most Saturday nights in farm towns hundreds of miles from home playing the top 40 music of the 1960's to local teens starved for links with the outside world. Will now lives and composes in Sedona.

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Brian EnoBrian Eno

Brian Eno is frequently referred to as one of popular music's most influential artists. Throughout his prolific career, Brian has been active politically throughout his life, frequently writing letters to government ministers and appearing on political debates, and writing newspaper columns on his political views.

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Celtic vocalist Enya first gained notoriety as a member of the group Clannad in the 1980s, but became a superstar as a solo artist by fusing traditional music from Ireland with dreamy new-age textures. Enya is a true crossover artist: her music is catchy enough to appeal to mainstream pop audiences, yet possessed of an ethereal quality that appeals to fans of the Cocteau Twins and Muzak alike. Her career received an added boost in the United States when her song "Orinico Flow (Sail Away)" was featured in a popular Volkswagen television commercial.

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Dean EvensonEnya

Dean Evenson is a true visionary of the Ambient/New Age musical genre - a prolific musician and composer, entrepreneur, media pioneer and co-founder of Billboard-charting independent music label, Soundings of the Planet....

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Fans of Jimmy CenturyFans of Jimmy Century

You might be surprised by the type of music we've included here, but conscious music spills over into electronica too! Fans of Jimmy Century is vocalist/composer Alicia Peron and musician/composer Victor James and their music gets you moving whether you want to or not!

Gathering fans from their recent exposure within a TV series, FOJC's own distinctive out of the box flair is charming and apparent.

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Ariah FireflyHeather Frahn

Ariah is a singer from the heart and has been performing for years professionally, live and in the studio recording jazz, soul and pop music. She was an opening act for greats such as Phoebe Snowe, Jesse Collin Young, and Wynton Marsalis.   She is now following her true passion and quest in life which is to perform music now solely for the purpose of activating bliss and oneness in all who listen.

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Heather FrahnHeather Frahn

Heather Frahn is one of a new breed of consious artists who form the Conscious Music Movement. Heather has multiple albums behind her and many more to come, with a vast range of musical talents, instruments, vocal skills and a desire to create music that addresses the global issues of the day.

Keep a close eye on Heather's future!!

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Michael FrantiMichael Franti

As a socially conscious singer-songwriter, Franti has grown up in public as his message has evolved from one of youthful anger to a more mature determination to find common ground. “When I first started out, I think that my politics could be boiled down to `... The System’ or `... the Man,’” Franti says. “When you’re coming of age, you’re desperate to change the world, but you have no idea how to actually do it. It takes time to discover that just complaining about the world is not enough. You have to do some affirmative.”

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DJ FreeDJ Free

As founder of Soulfood, DJ Free has been creating Massage, Meditation, Yoga, Native American, Ambient and Contemporary World music where he artfully blends the organic sounds of acoustic guitar, African drums, didgeridoo, grand piano, global chants, horns, Native flute, nature sounds and sax with synthesizer, contemporary beats and modern instrumentation.

As an indie label, Soulfood has many artists including Rita Coolidge, Julia Messenger,Tom Peterson and many more.

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Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel

Peter Brian Gabriel (born 13 February 1950, in Cobham, Surrey, England) is an English musician. He first came to fame as the lead vocalist and flautist of the progressive rock group Genesis. After leaving Genesis, Gabriel went on to a successful solo career. More recently he has focused on producing and promoting world music and pioneering digital distribution methods for music. He has also been involved in various humanitarian efforts.

He has also pioneered the use of multi-media in the music industry with his fabulous stop animation music video, Sledgehammer.

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Melody GardotMelody Gardot

Raised in Philadelphia, Melody Gardot is a macrobiotic cook and humanitarian who often speaks about the benefits of music therapy, having used the process to heal her badly broken body after being struck by a car while riding her bicycle at age 19.

Her influences are blues and jazz artists such as Janis Joplin, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington and George Gershwin as well as Latin music artists such as Stan Getz and Caetano Veloso.

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Robin GuthrieRobin Guthrie

Robin is a co-founder of Cocteau Twins, and is one of the principal songwriters and musicians. Robin's unique style of guitar-playing and songwriting, not to mention his deft production skills in the recording studio, have earned him the respect of musicians throughout the world.

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Steven HalpernSteven Halpern

Steven Halpern is an award-winning composer, recording artist and producer whose healing music has helped millions worldwide to experience the blessings and benefits of deep relaxation and inner peace.

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Lili HaydnLili Haydn

One of L.A.'s most adored musicians will surely become the province of a national trust. Haydn has a voice so sublime that it is truly like the fifth string of her virtuoso violin. Haydn is the true spirit of ineffably poetic magic.

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Imogen HeapImogen Heap

"Wow! Have you heard Imogen Heap's voice?" That was the comment from my step-son, Stuart, as he raved about her music.

Imogen is a Grammy nominated English singer-songwriter from Romford, London, most famous for her work as part of Frou Frou and for her 2005 solo record Speak for Yourself, which she wrote, produced and mixed herself.

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Imani HekimaImani Hekima

Memorable songs, a distinctive sound and thoughtful lyrics from this UK keyboardist/singer/songwriter.

Imani writes about our collective consciousness and is a refreshingly conscious performer, deploying his warm vocals to deliver a hard hitting lyrical message in a highly accessible way.

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Ralf IllenbergerRalph Illenberger

Born in Stuttgart, Germany and influenced by the Beatles, German guitarist Ralf Illenberger has been captivating listeners throughout the world for over two decades with this unique guitar-based instrumental music.

The virtuoso guitar stylings of Ralf Illenberger's brilliant yet accessible blend of jazz, funk, folk and pop, place him in an elite group of musicians such as Pat Metheney, Robert Fripp, and Brian Eno whose music is so unique, it becomes its own genre.

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Al JarreauFitzhugh Jenkins

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the son of a vicar, Jarreau's first singing experiences were in a church choir. Perhaps this is where he gets his uniqe style and technique from, along with his fascination with "the Source"

if you watch Al perform you know he has the spirit in him, and even though it may not be exactly everyone's cup of tea, you cannot doubt his talent.

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Fitzhugh JenkinsFitzhugh Jenkins

Growing up in Hawaii, Fitzhugh played guitar in Don Ho's band and also performed as a soloist. He then lived in Los Angeles for 10 years working as a studio musician. While in Los Angeles, Fitzhugh performed for the United States Olympic team at the 1984 summer games. He was then chosen to study in France under renowned fingerstyle guitarist Pierre Bensusan. Following his studies with Pierre, he toured and recorded extensively with the Shah of Iran's private court of musicians, dancers and singers from 1980 to 1988.

To watch "Fitz" play is to experience a true artist's embodiment as his music saturates the soul and sensitizes the being.

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The JetsunsThe Jetsuns

A great new duo from England launches into the musical world with their debut album Here and Now.

Lead by singer/songwriter/guitarist Joanne Louise, who's vocals are reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, the songs lull you in to a sense of well being and mellow happiness!

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Jack JohnsonJack Johnson

Jack Johnson is an Hawaiian born surfer turned musician, loving father and environmental activist.

Influenced by a host of musicians including Hendrix, the Beatles and many others, Jack just has that certain 'something'.

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Stanley JordanStanley Jordan

Trying to describe Stanley Jordan in simple terms is like trying to explain Einstein's Theory of Relativity in ten words or less. No matter what you say, you'd be leaving a lot out. And yet, that is probably what you've already done if you haven't heard the whole story.

Best known as a guitarist who has made major technical and musical contributions to his instrument, Stanley Jordan has already made a name for himself as one of the most significant guitarists of the latter 20th century. After seeing him perform with his trio at the Montreal Jazz Festival, Los Angeles Times jazz critic Leonard Feather was prompted to write, "Genius is a word too often tossed around in musical circles, but it has been rightfully applied to Stanley Jordan".

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Prem JoshuaPrem Joshua

Listening to the music of Prem Joshua, whether on one of his many best-selling CDs, or live in concert, means being audience to one of the freshest world music experiences to be found on the planet.

For the last 15 years he has shared the stage with internationally acclaimed musicians from East and West, and has performed in India, the Middle East, South East Asia, USA, Japan, Israel and all over Europe.

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Panos KapposPanos Kappos

Hailing out of New York City, Panos Kappos is a gifted individual whose music has touched and blessed the lives of many. His talents as a singer/songwriter and performer has graced the stages of many venues across the continent of North America, leaving everlasting impressions and footprints in the hearts of fans. Previously signed to Voyager Music Entertainment (Los Angeles) in 1999, he released a full studio album: "Harmony" and an acoustic CD Unplugged in 2002.

His music and spritual walk with God, will teach, inspire and encourage this generation.

Wendy Oxenhorn, President of The Jazz Foundation Of America quotes: "Panos Kappos is a prodigy of our time."

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Snatam KaurSnatam Kaur

Snatam Kaur Khalsa (born 1972 in Trinidad, Colorado), is an American singer and songwriter who performs the Sikh devotional music, kirtan and tours around the world as a peace activist. She lives in Española, New Mexico. Like all American Sikhs, and followers of Yogi Bhajan, she shares the middle name "Kaur" and the last name "Khalsa" with other female Sikhs.

A resident of Sacramento and then Mill Valley, California, Snatam was also active in social and environmental causes while in high school, serving as president of the social action club known as, "Students for Justice," in her Senior year.

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Rod KinnyRod Kinny

"Truth, meaning, & timelessness are common elements of any great work of art." That is according to Singer/Songwriter Rod Kinny. Rod s music combines influences of jazz, folk, & rock with elements of Toto/Steely Dan to the best of British pop.

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Amos LeeAmos Lee

Amos Lee is a rising star in the music scene and possesses a rich, soulful voice reminiscent of many of the 60's musical legends.

His debut album surfaced in 2005 and has some brilliant tracks ranging from sweet and slow ballads to some up tempo rock numbers. He is a favourite of Regina's so he must be good!

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John LennonJohn Lennon

John Lennon is one of the most famous singer/songwriters and peace activists of the last century.

As part of the legendary Beatles, his solo musical work and writing have been an inspiration to many and his contribution to the peace movement lives on.

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Love EternalLove Eternal

Love Eternal is a collective of musicians dedicated to music as ministry, the kind of music made for the great outdoors and to be played so the clouds can hear it!

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Tina MaliaTina Malia

Tina Malia's luxurious voice and enchanting presence is creating a stir from coast to coast and across the world. Her original music touches the listener with elevating lyrics and deep, earthy rhythms.

Trained as a classical pianist and vocalist, and inspired by her roots in American folk and soul music, she has also been widely influenced by music from around the world. Her music marries the timelessness of all these styles with a new flair all her own. She has been compared to such legendary female artists as Joni Mitchell, Sarah McLaughlin, and Loreena McKennitt.

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Ladysmith Black MambazoLadysmith Black Mambazo

Mention African song and most people think of South African practitioners of the vocal arts - Solomon Linda, Miriam Makeba and perhaps more than anyone else in recent memory, Ladysmith Black Mambazo. It is Ladysmith Black Mambazo who have come to represent the traditional culture of South Africa. They are regarded as South Africa's cultural emissaries at home and around the world. In 1993, at Nelson Mandela's request, Black Mambazo accompanied the future President, and then South African President F.W. de Klerk, to the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo, Norway. Mambazo sang again at President Mandela's inauguration in May of 1994. They are a national treasure of the new South Africa in part because they embody the traditions suppressed in the old South Africa.

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Bob MarleyListen to the music of Bob Marley

Nesta Robert Marley was born in Jamaica of a white English Jamaican father and a black mother and became a member of the Rastafari movement, whose culture was a key element in the development of reggae. Bob Marley became a leading proponent of the Rastafari, taking their music out of the socially deprived areas of Jamaica and onto the international music scene.

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Yolanda MartinezYolanda Martinez

Born in southern New Mexico, Yolanda had no neighbors and only animals and nature as her playground.

An award winning recording artist, Yolanda also hand makes her own drums known from coast to coast and throughout Europe for their wonderful deep felt resonating voice.

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John MayerListen to the music of John Mayer

John Mayer attained pop stardom with his first album, Room For Squares. A breakout hit in 2002, the album earned Mayer TV guest spots and spawned the hit song "Your Body is a Wonderland."

Known for guitar-oriented pop and soulful lyrics, Mayer followed his overnight success with a 2003 Grammy (for Best Pop Vocal Performance) and two more releases: the live performance CD Any Given Thursday and the studio release Heavier Things.

John grew up in Connecticut and attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston before moving to Atlanta, Georgia to focus on a professional career.

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Anthony MazzellaAnthony Mazzella

Anthony Mazzella is an innovative guitar virtuoso and master musician. BILLBOARD magazine describes him as "the new generation of guitar hero" and GUITAR ONE magazine voted him "one of the top ten guitarists in the country".

Anthony released four CD's, tours internationally, has contributed tracks on compilation CD's, made guest appearances on major artists releases, receives airplay on national radio and satellite television, and has an independent film soundtrack to his credit. He is an established presence in the genre of instrumental world music and has exciting new projects on the horizon.

Anthony has a unique playing style using both hands on the fret, strking the fret to create the sound. Listen to sample mp3's inside...

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Bobby McFerrinBobby McFerrin

Known around the world as 'The Voice', Bobby McFerrin is most famous for his catchy hit song, Don't Worry Be Happy. But there is much more to Bobby than that. He is a multi talented vocalist who can sing anything from Bach to Broadway and has a unique singing style that is infectious and awe inspiring.

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Andy McKeeAndy McKee

Andy McKee is one of the world’s finest acoustic soloists. After receiving over 20 million views collectively for his Youtube videos which were posted by the independent record label “Candyrat”, Andy’s success is a testament to the changing nature of the music industry as well as people’s desire for something new and interesting to listen to.

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Sarah McLachlanSarah McLachlan

A native of Vancouver', Canada, Sarah McLachlan is a beautiful singer, songwriter who's lyrics touch the heart and inspire the soul. Her signature vocal inflection has been copied by many but never surpassed and she continues to have that certain something that makes her music instantly recognisable.

Accompanied by her husband on the drums and a keen supporter of animal rights, Sarah is one of Canada's finest. Have you wondered why so many talented female singers come from Canada?

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Pat MethenyPat Metheny

Pat Metheny was born in Kansas City on August 12, 1954 into a musical family. Starting on trumpet at the age of 8, Metheny switched to guitar at age 12. By the age of 15, he was working regularly with the best jazz musicians in Kansas City, receiving valuable on-the-bandstand experience at an unusually young age. Metheny first burst onto the international jazz scene in 1974.

(Pat is a personal favourite of mine and since I first discovered his music in 1980 I have listened religiously to his albums and introduced him to many grateful friends. He is quite simply my most beloved and appreciated musical artist. ~ Scott)

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Bill MillerBill Miller

As an acknowledged master of the Native American flute, Bill has earned two Grammy awards along with multiple Native American Music awards in recognition of his songwriting. A musician, visual artist, composer and speaker. Bill is the real thing.

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Joni MitchellJoni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell is a noted Canadian musician, songwriter and painter from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, born on November 7th, 1943. Joni is also an accomplished visual artist. She has, through photography or painting, created the artwork for each of her albums and has described herself as a "painter derailed by circumstance." A blunt critic of the music industry, Mitchell had stopped recording over the last several years, focusing mainly on her visual art, but in October 2006 she announced that she is working on material for a new album.

Almost every song she composed on the guitar uses an open, or non-standard, tuning; she has written songs in some 50 different tunings, which she has referred to as "Joni's weird chords". The use of alternative tunings allows more varied and complex harmonies to be produced on the guitar, without the need for difficult chord shapes.

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Van MorrisonVan Morrison

Featuring his characteristic growl—a mix of folk, blues, soul, jazz, gospel, and Ulster Scots Celtic influences— Van the Man is widely considered by many rock historians to be one of the most unusual and influential vocalists in history.

A frequent theme of his music and lyrics has been based on his belief in the healing power of music combined with a form of mystic Christianity.

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W.A. MozartWolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Ah, the sublime genius of Mozart. It is only through recognizing the violence and sensuality at the center of Mozart's work that we can make a start towards a comprehension of his structures and an insight into his magnificence. In all of Mozart's supreme expressions of suffering and terror, there is something shockingly voluptuous and essential.

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Mike OldfieldMike Oldfield

British guitarist and composer Mike Oldfield got his big break when fledgling entrepreneur Richard Branson started a record label and asked Mike to be his first release. Mike was already thinking about Tubular Bells in 1970, whilst still with the Whole World and a rough demo was ready by 1972, after many unsocial hours at the Abbey Road studios. Mike was so pleased with the result that he sent copies to all the major record companies, all of which rejected it as uncommercial.

The rest, as they say, is history. Or should that be "his-story"?.

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Fionn Ó LochlainnFionn ÓLochlainn

Brit / Anglo Irish artist Fionn ÓLochlainn delivers a vast, guitar driven sound, reminiscent of greats such as Led Zeppelin, Early Bowie or Pink Floyd but with a current originality that draws the listener in to a world of acoustic rock’n’roll. Accompanying himself on multiple instruments including acoustic guitar, piano and mandola, Fionn converges ethereal textures with melodic dreamlike vocals evocative of Beck, Nick Drake & at times Jeff Buckley.

Fionn has been playing multiple instruments since age 6 and through the artistic influences of his parents has developed his unique blend of soulful songwriting.

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One eskimOFionn ÓLochlainn

The brainchild of singer/songwriter Kristian Leontiou, One eskimO arrives with an impressive breadth of imagination that instantly marks them as something extraordinary.

The London-based band's Shangri-La Music self-titled debut is an ambitious and affecting collection of widescreen modern pop, alive with iridescent textures and intricately created songcraft.

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Pamela PollandPamela Polland

"Pamela Polland is a biospheric torch singer, a ruby-throated chanteuse whose cabaret is the planetary heart". So says, Tom Robbins, author of Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, Jitterbug Perfume, and others.

An award-winning singer/songwriter, with three albums on Columbia and Epic as well as two more independently released albums to her credit, Pamela Polland’s ever increasing list of musical credentials reads like a veritable Who's Who of artists … from all points on the musical compass.

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PutumayoPutumayo World Music

In the past fourteen years, Putumayo World Music has become known primarily for its upbeat and melodic compilations of great international music characterized by the company's motto: “guaranteed to make you feel good!” Putumayo’s CD covers feature the distinctive art of Nicola Heindl, whose colorful, folkloric style represents one of Putumayo's goals: to connect the traditional to the contemporary. By combining appealing music and visuals with creative retail marketing, Putumayo has developed a unique brand identity - a rarity in today's artist-based music industry..

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Deva Premal & MitenDeval Premal

After touring non-stop for almost 15 years, and with CD sales topping the half a million mark, Deva & Miten are living proof that the power of mantra is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago.

Eckhart Tolle, spiritual teacher and best-selling author (The Power of Now), says of their music,
"As you listen, the sacred space that lies beyond the mind emerges naturally and effortlessly." Brandon Bays, life coach and author of 'The Journey', describes it as, "carrying the listener into realms of ecstasy, bliss, and joy." Another admirer is rock star Cher, who says of The Essence, "It is my favourite CD to do yoga to. In fact I drive my teacher crazy, because it's the only one I ever want to hear!"

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Bonnie RaittBonnie Raitt

A long time favourite of ours, Bonnie Raitt has shunned glitz and glamour for a more profound message from the heart. With that shock of flaming red hair and a voice to melt even the hardest heart, Bonnie has been a long time campaigner for the rights and freedoms we all want to protect.

Her talent is limitless and her albums offer a huge range of songs to appeal to all.

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raSa Music (Donna d'Cruz)Donna D'Cruz

Led by Donna D'Cruz, raSa approaches music from a distinctly pan-cultural viewpoint. "We wanted a place where we could explore music from all different areas", D'Cruz explains. "Anything that is steeped in the traditions, spirits, and societies of the world - - we want to be able to smudge the edges, and cross the boundaries that normally divide these elements. We're dedicated to creating bridges between isolated cultures because when we look deeply into the soul of any music, of any culture, we find the commonalties that link the human community.".

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Jason RebelloJason Rebello

In the late 1980’s British Jazz boomed. Jason Rebello  a classically trained pianist known for his crisp suits and good looks was part of that scene.

At just 21, his fluency and stylistic range was spotted by the great American saxophonist and composer Wayne Shorter who took on the job of producing his debut album, A Clearer View.

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Tony RedhouseTony Redhouse

Tony Redhouse plays Native American flute, bird whstles, vocal chants and acoustic percussion in Native American style.

In Native American tradition, music, like art and dance, tells a story. Let Tony tell you his story by listening and watching him play.

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Steve RoachSteve Roach

Recognized worldwide as one of the leading innovators of contemporary electronic music, Steve Roach's music often shape-shifts into many forms, from serene sound meditations to what is described by critic Dwight Loop as "techno-tribal music for the global village", blending the visceral sounds he designs on synthesizers and samplers with the primordial rhythms of ethnic percussion and other exotic instruments, including the Australian didgeridoo.

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Krishna RoseKrishna Rose

Krishna Rose's music hold a blend of ethereal grooves with haunting background vocals and grounding drums.

Her music is a joy to listen to for its genuine and beautiful lyrics capturing the human and divine relationship.

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John RutterJohn Rutter

For anyone who has come from a background of choral music, you will no doubt have heard of or sung a work by John Rutter. It would be fair to say that this English composer is responsible for more goose bumps than any other contemporary composer!

No matter what your current religious leanings or if you have distanced yourself from your religious upbringing, just listen closely and feel this music in your heart.

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Saith is a different kind of young artist, passionate about the source of the message in his music as well as the performance, style and message itself.

Saith creates a debut album full of surprises, emotions and heart based delivery, with more albums on the horizon.

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Jonn SerrieJonn Serrie

Jonn is best known for his space music, incredible sweeping orchestral movements that transport you and send you on a cosmic journey. "I envision a certain depth, an experience of sound that gives space for the listener to repose. My goal is to combine the elements of space and romance, creating a delicate backdrop to the soul.”, says Jonn, and it certainly does.

Jonn’s imaginative playing and visionary compositional skills have revolutionized today’s contemporary electronic music. He creates a unique approach by combining the timelessness of space with the exhilaration of love, all within the sanctuary of Planet Earth.

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Ravi ShankarRavi Shankar

Ravi Shankar is one of the leading sitar players of the modern era. He has been a longtime musical collaborator of tabla-players Pandit Chatur Lal and Ustad Allah Rakha, and intermittently also of sarod-player Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. His collaborations with violinist Yehudi Menuhin, film maker Satyajit Ray, and the The Beatles (in particular, George Harrison) added to his international reputation.

Father to Norah Jones and Anoushka Shankar, also a Sitar player, Ravi's music has brought Indian music to the world bringing him the Bharat Ratna award, India's highest civilian honor.

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Shanti ShantiShanti Shanti

Shanti Shanti's culturally diverse music creates an experience of joyand clarity for its listeners.

Offering a powerful tool for coping with stress and anziety in our modern world, the transcendental effect of the pure tones in the ancient chanting along with the excitement of their exuberant soul music, makes for a transformational experience for everyone who listens.

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Dan SiegelDan Siegel

A creator, an innovator, not a duplicator, Dan Siegel proves himself a master of multi-keyboard moods along with a sophisticated composition of rich, intricate jazz melodies. A quiet giant in the music industry, Siegel is one of the most respected and accomplished artists in contemporary jazz.

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Chris SpheerisChris Spheeris

During this extraordinary 25 year career, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and true musical adventurer Chris Spheeris has created spiritually enriching music that swings from the seductively romantic, to the purely mystical in a style that is both classic and global.

Less known as a writer, spheeris has also created remarkable transformational poetry rich in style and insight. This section of the site will introduce you to the music that has touched the hearts and souls of millions, and the inspirational writings of this unique artist.

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Robert Scott StantonRobert Stanton

The musical career of Robert Scott Stanton spans 30+ years of performance and study.

His compositions blend adult contemporary/classical and orchestral music, jazz and new age.

His influences range from modern composers and film score composers. Recommended if you like Aaron Copeland or Suzanne Ciani.

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Peter SterlingPeter Sterling

Enjoy the award winning harp music of Peter Sterling. Inspired by visions of heavenly angels, Harp Magic Music is based in Sedona, Arizona amongst the towering majestic red rocks.

Peter's music is a favorite the world over: Celtic, Asian and Latin flavors color his gorgeously orchestrated compositions. His most recent CD "Harp Dreams" was nominated for album of the year by New Age reporter for 2004.

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You may not think of Sting as a conscious artist immediately but delve deeper into his role as an activist and deeply health oriented individual and you will realise what he is all about. He has written some of the most iconic songs of our time.

He does yoga every day and is in amazing physical condition for a man in his late 50's.

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Rosita StoneRosita Stone

From a fiery Mexican-Russian Ukrainian background, Rosita Stone is a bilingual songwriter who produces and arranges her own music and dance.

She’s a dynamic performer who reaches right into the heart of her audience with her incredible vocal range and style. Not only is Rosita a fan of music, she has a serious passion for Preventative Natural Medicine and Holistic Nutrition. She graduated top of her class at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and has appeared on the Discovery Channel’s TV show "Health on the Line" which featured world-renowned author and healer Deepak Chopra.

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Liz StoryLiz Story

Liz Story combines her classical piano background, fused with a wide range of styles embracing jazz, folk, pop and impressionistic music, embues her with an extraordinary gift for creating music that is at once thoughtful and moving.

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Gary StroutsosGary Stroutsos

Gary Stroutsos performs world flute music drawn from traditional cultures. Evoking a spirit of place, and the voices of the land, his work includes internationally acclaimed recordings at sacred sites. Gary Stroutsos is not only a master flute player, he is also a wonderfully engaging storyteller. He can jam with jazz greats, he can weave tales of Native American life, he can show you the difference between a dozen or more hand-made flutes, and he can keep a room full of 5th graders enraptured for an hour.

Take 6Take 6

Take 6 is an American Seventh-day Adventist a cappella gospel music sextet formed in 1980 on the campus of Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama. The group sings in a contemporary style, integrating R&B and jazz influences into their devotional songs and has 10 Grammy wins, 10 Dove Awards, one Soul Train Award and two NAACP Image Award nominations.

John TavenerJohn Tavener

John Tavener is a British classical composer who was recently knighted for his services to music. An Orthodox Christian, he explored a number of other different religious traditions, including Hinduism and Islam, and became a follower of the mystic philosopher Frithjof Schuon.

HIs music reflects many cultural influences aside from his aristocratic upbringing, being the direct descendent of John Taverner (with an 'r') who was the first Organist and Master of the Choristers at Christ Church, Oxford, appointed by Thomas Cardinal Wolsey in 1526.

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Gentle ThunderGentle Thunder

Gentle Thunder creates an amazing eclectic blend of grand hammer dulcimer, Native American flutes, drums, bass, soprano sax, piano and percussion with a passionate synergy that is captivating beyond words. Teaming up with kindred spirits Will Clipman and AmoChip Dabney their eclectic blend of world instruments creates a stellar new sound.

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Thievery CorporationThievery Corporation

This Washington DC duo have managed to blossom in the heart of a city they often refer to as "Babylon", a poignant reference to the traditional Rastafarian distaste and distrust of a corrupt and unjust modern system, namely American politics. Their albums imparts tough socio-political messages largely absent from today's popular music.

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Jai UttalJai Uttal

Jai Uttal is a pioneer in the world music community. His eclectic east meets-west sound has put his music at the forefront of the world fusion movement. Jai Uttal's musical roots embrace a rich variety of cultures and traditions that span the globe and the centuries. From the hillbilly music of the Appalachian Mountains to the passionate strains of Bengali street singers, from the haunting rhythms and melodies of ancient India to contemporary electric rock sounds, Jai's music distills the essence of diverse musical forms.

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Andreas VollenweiderAndreas Vollenweider

His music has been categorized as World Music, Jazz, New Age or even Classical; two of his albums were number 1 on the Billboard charts simultaneously in the categories Classical, Jazz, Pop and Crossover for many weeks; his music is very dynamic and colorful.

His primary instrument is an electrically modified harp of his own design, but he also plays a wide variety of instruments from around the world, including the Chinese guzheng. His albums feature many musicians performing his compositions with him, ranging from simple solos to suites for orchestra and soloists. His music is mostly instrumental but he has occasionally forayed into vocal music as well.

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From an ancient Hindu word meaning Wow!, Wah! plays to invoke the spirit and the celebration of life and is composes music to heal the soul.

She plays at festivals and live gigs around the world and has written a book entitled, Dedicating Your Life to Spirit. Check her out!

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Ani WilliamsAni Williams

Ani Williams is one of the most celebrated harpists and singers of her generation, with dozens of recording credits to her acclaim. A pioneer in the field of women's sacred music, she delights in performing her original instrumentals and songs at sacred sites all over the world.".

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George WinstonGeorge Winston

Although he is acknowledged as the father of new age music, George Winston says that he plays three styles: New Orleans R&B piano; stride piano, which was the main way of playing that he worked on after hearing Fats Waller and Teddy Wilson; and third, folk piano….

Whatever it's called, it is enchanting, uplifting and soothing for any situation and you should at least have one album in our library!

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Stevie WonderStevie Wonder

Little Stevie Wonder was indeed a wonder when he first exploded onto the music scene, setting the stage for a lifelong career of firsts in the music world and creating one of the most valuable libraries of music ever produced.

If you can't find a song in his repetoire that moves you, well you just ain't alive!!

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YokoStevie Wonder

Canadian born Yoko's debut CD, a cutting edge Tibetan Buddhist mantra CD featuring Zasep Rinpoche, is exhilarating.

Peaceful world beat with ethnic flavors from Tibet, India and the west, creates a multicultural infusion. Yoko's deep honey sweet voice streams a vocal symphony.

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Hans YorkStevie Wonder

German born Hans York creates music with brilliant emotional momentum. He's a consummate musician, traveling between folk, jazz, and pop effortlessly, while his voice soars above it all.

Seeing him live, you understand that you are experiencing a world-class talent.

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