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April 1st 2010: Our recent change:

Please, walk a mile in our shoes:

Each morning, 7 days a week, Scott and I wake up early, make a quick breakfast and immediately go to our computers to begin our CMN day.

Scott answers emails regarding accounts, technical challenges, requests for link exchanges, affiliations and joint ventures and looks for updates for the video of the day and word articles. I immerse myself in the many books I have to read in order to ask the questions of our future interviewees, answer emails regarding our interviewees, personal questions about the challenges of these awakening times and requests to interview specific people. Most of the time I explain that we have no means of getting to such an interview as we have no funds for travel, other than car journeys of less than 14 hours. This response carries a dull feeling of limitation as I write it, and, I’m sure, a feeling of limitation on the end of the recipient. Still, it's the truth.

For the last 5 years our work has been a gift to the people who find value in it, with the hope that it would be voluntarily supported. The reality is that after $500,000 of our own investment, 140,000 miles of driving and 5 years of our time, fewer than 0.05% of the souls that come to us for this information volunteer their support. On one hand, why should they when we make it so freely available, but they do.

Still, it must be known that we can no longer support CMN and ourselves on our good intentions. We have no benefactors and those little banner ads on our pages net us less than $300 a month and we get rougly $200 in donations per month. As for products, people don't come to our site to buy things, they come to educate themselves. And that is as it should be, even though we offer suggestions for products in our Store, for which we sometimes get an affiliate commission if someone remembers to buy it through us.

We started this with hope, our own money and good intentions. Scott had never touched HTML before, let alone a camera. I have paid my dues in broadcasting and have years of experience interviewing people, but being a dyslexic I am a terribly slow reader. Our hope was that if we did a good job and people were enthused about this type of information, they would voluntarily sustain it and with greater numbers we would be able to get sponsors. But the truth is, Madison Avenue doesn't like people like us, and we didn't want to sell our space to big pharma. Many alternative sites have long since blown past their initial enthusiasm to be faced with desperate financial conditions and no return on their investment.

At the end of 2006, I was confronted with a painful choice. Either shut CMN down, or sell my beloved home in Sedona (something I have worked my entire life to own) in order to keep CMN going. As you can see, I made the choice to lose my home in order to keep this project going: and anyone who knows me personally, knows how much I love Sedona and being there with my soul family.

So, for these reasons, Scott and I have reached that critical point where we have chosen to have a more balanced and direct relationship with our viewers, one in which fair exchange is being requested for our efforts.

- We will continue to dedicate our time and energy to bring you information that we feel is of value, even critical, for the times ahead.

- We will continue to update the site every day with what we can find of interest.

- We will continue to immerse ourselves in the hundreds of books we are sent each year for review, to determine who to interview.

In return, we are asking for your gracious partnership in supporting this work so we can move forward, expand our programming and bring you the interviews and service that you need.

If you find CMN's offerings of value, we invite you to partner with us to ensure that this information keeps flowing and become a subscriber. We know you have a choice where to direct your finances and we have chosen to make this incredibly affordable at $5 a month or $50 a year. If this is too much for you at this time, we understand. We don't exactly have much wiggle room ourselves at the moment.

Meanwhile, we are forever grateful for the generous beings who have voluntarily chosen to support our work these past couple of years with their subscriptions and donations.

From the bottom of our hearts - thank you, thank you, thank you! We hope that we continue to serve your needs well into the future.

With love and gratitude,

Regina and Scott Meredith

April 3rd 2010: The response so far:

From the emails we have received so far, most of you are in resonance with the recent changes and only a handful have been openly hostile.

So let us be completely clear; if we hadn't done this, this whole site would have been closed down at the end of the month. We had nothing left. $500,000. Gone. No available credit left and $18,000 in debt to service. Just enough coming in from current subscriptions to keep the lights on and the bandwidth paid but going deeper into the hole each month. And the prospect of paying back all those who had purchased annual subscriptions who weren't going to get the balance of their time delivered.

Now, thanks to your immediate participation, we can continue to deliver. We want to be here to provide you with access to these amazing people as more and more conferences are closing down and the cost of flying to a different city, staying in a hotel and paying $100+ for a weekend event becomes more difficult for everyone. As you can see from all those orange dots on the home page, most of you will never get a chance of being in the same room as most of these speakers, let alone sit with them personally for an hour.

For $5, you get one on one with 4 of them and a free written transcript, plus a radio show with 1 more. And you never have to leave home. Let me make a prediction here. In 6 months, every other site like this will have to do the same. There is no support for this kind of media other than from those who want it. Other sites may still be free for now, but if they are not supported voluntarily what chance do they have.

So, to the men who have told us we have gone to the dark side, become a sect, deliberatley cut off access for conspiratorial reasons ... well, do you really believe that? After 5 years of giving this away?

Like it says below, walk a mile in our shoes and remember that all the people you have watched have also given their time and wisdom freely.

We donate a portion of your subscription to charities every year and have done so for the past 5 years without fanfare. We have loaned money to KIVA for micro-loans. We are responding to those in real need with temporary memberships and some generous souls are even offering to pay more per month so that others can benefit.

So, thank you to all of you who have sent us your kind words and life changing stories. We truly appreciate you.

Regina and Scott Meredith

Email update from George Green on the Economy - November 28th 2009. Click icon to download as PDF

This email is an article written by Dean Henderson, author of Big Oil and their bankers.

Several financial events this week indicate something big is about to happen, something that may make the 2008 credit crisis seem rather benign. First, the IMF announced that it is liquidating its gold holdings, the world's 3rd largest stash after the US and Germany. Buyers included the governments of India, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. Do you think the IMF would be selling gold at a market bottom? Bubble #1 about to burst - Gold.

Second, the Vietnamese government announced a nearly 10% devaluation of its currency, striking fear into the hearts of Southeast Asian governments, who fear a repeat of the 1997 Asian Crisis. Vietnam has benefited from the highly speculative dollar carry trade, through which investors borrow US dollars at near 0% interest, then reinvest those free dollars in 12-13% Vietnamese bonds, for example. Much of the money which we forked over to Wall Street banks has also made it's way into these markets, rather than being loaned to US home buyers, for example. Bubble #2 about to burst- The Dollar Carry Trade.

But the biggest financial shock of the week came out of Dubai, one of five emirates ruled by undemocratic monarchies, which make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE only got its independence from Great Britain in 1973. As the Vietnam War wound down, the Golden Triangle (Thailand, Burma, Laos) heroin trade found a new home in the Golden Crescent (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran). And Afghanistan became a permanent war zone. Hong Kong had been built up as the banking center for the SE Asian guns/drugs/oil/war reconstruction trade. Now Dubai would serve that same purpose, first for Afghanistan and later for the war in Iraq.

The Dubai financial scene is dominated by the very same two British old money banks who control Hong Kong- HSBC (the world's 2nd largest bank also known as Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation) and Standard Chartered). These banks were launched by proceeds from the British Freemason's opium wars on China in the mid-1800's and are controlled by blue-blood British aristocratic families such as Swire, Inchcape, Jardine Mathesson, Keswick and Rothschild.

On September 10, 2001, Mohammed Atta received a $100,000 wire transfer from a Standard Chartered account in Dubai controlled by the head of the Pakistani ISI intelligence service. Pakistan is home to the Agha Khan Foundation, which was launched by British Intelligence during the partition that same year of Pakistan and Bangladesh from India. Agha Khan is considered the spiritual leader for Muslim fanatics worldwide, including the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda.

It gets more interesting when you discover that the Agha Khan Foundation is a wholly-owed subsidiary of Crown Agency, a branch of the British Crown. And that this same Crown Agency also owns Securacom, the company that had the security contract on the World Trade Center. And that Marvin Bush, Georgie the traitor's brother, was the CEO of Securacom. Do you think it is a coincidence that the world's tallest building is now the Burj Dubai? Or that Halliburton moved its headquarters to Dubai?

So when Dubai Ports, the emirate's biggest financial concern announced this week that it would suspend payments to its creditors- HSBC and Standard Chartered- it rocked the financial world. The British Crown had trusted their al-Maktoum monarch pals in Dubai, even threatened Americans that they would shift the global second-in-line (let's not forget London is #1) financial hub from New York to Dubai. Now the sheiks were broke. And the British masters of the universe bankers would be left holding the bag. Booh! Hooh!

So why does this matter? Dubai was perhaps the most dramatic attempt by the international bankers to reflate the global economy. It was the old "war is business and business is good" trade. And it is over. With the war in Iraq winding down and a massive US troop infusion into Afghanistan not in the cards, the glittering Rothschild-inspired Dubai, built with of blood, drugs, gold and oil, is set to collapse. Bubble #3- The Reflation Trade.

With Dubai's collapse will go the gold market, the dollar carry trade and the global reflation trade. Global deflation, Japanese-style, looks set to take hold. The dollar should rebound sharply. The housing market will see another leg down. The stock market will go through the March 2009 lows like a knife going through butter. On the positive side, it could mark the end of a global economy dependent on war profiteering and, if we play our cards right, an end to the global banking monopoly.

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