Next Gen for June 2010: Redefining Power and Ambition
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The Next Generation - June 2010
Redefining Power and Ambition

In this months Next Gen, we sit down with an unassuming panel of experts. The subject of our conversation is power. Does power corrupt by nature, is it an evil force sought after only by those who lack understanding of the real virtues of life?

Todd McPherson, a humanitarian worker and world traveler has held this view of power for many years. On the other hand, Teresa Cutter, a highly paid executive investor, shares her experience from deep inside a world of money and power, elucidating the difference that intention can make in a world of ambition. What approach to power actually works? What are the consequences of accumulating power for ourselves, when compared to using it as a means to care for others?

See for yourself in this candid, real life look at one of life's most inevitable social forces, the Will to Power.

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