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Feet to the Fire
F2F is a LIVE radio show from Chicago that takes a look at various subjects and examines them for consistency.. in other words... we look for the "Lack of Contradiction" which is a better gauge of being on the Road to Truth.

Many many connect the dots and point to the picture shown a "proof" ... We have found the dots that do not fit forces us to "redraw" until ALL dots fit, and in that picture, we find Truth.

It's free and plays a new show every week, right here on this page.

Weekly Show
About the Show:

James Jancik presents his weekly 4 hour show, LIVE from Chicago every Sunday Night LIVE, 8pm Eastern, 7pm Central, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific times in North America and 1am Monday Morning GMT, 2am Monday Morning in most of Europe, 12 noon Monday in Sydney, Australia.

All topics are open, except areas of "Right-Left Wing" Politics, My-God-Is-Better- Than-Your-God "religion" and the mundane news of the day. There are a plethora of shows on the dial cluttering up the airwaves, without the addition of yet one more. We tend to gravitate to the questions of Science, Spirituality and the "Paranormal"

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