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Emerging Breakthroughs

Dr. David Kamnitzer is a Chiropractor, Nutritionist, and Stress Management Specialist. He specializes in gentle chiropractic care, combining various forms of soft tissue work with precise manipulative therapy. “Dr. David” is also a therapeutic nutritionist with over 15 years of clinical experience—assisting people with hormonal balancing, weight management, detoxification strategies, and individualized wellness plans. Dr. David also has a strong background in stress management, receiving his B.A. in Psychology from Sonoma State University, where he studied with Dr. Eleanor Criswell, a leading pioneer in Biofeedback and the psychology of yoga.

David's show, Emerging Breakthroughs is archived here for your listening edification!

His website is located at

December 5th 2010 The Way that I Teach The "tables are turned" as Dr. Kamnitzer is interviewed by Nathaniel Evans about Spiritual Teaching and Teachers. A powerful Transmission!

November 25th 2010 Ron Kurtz on The Hakomi Method Join Dr. David Kamnitzer as he talks with Ron Kurtz, the founder of The Hakomi Method -- a cutting-edge method for profound individual healing. More about Ron Kurtz and Hakomi at

April 1st 2010 Nutritional Cleansing with Glenda Green Join Dr. Kamnitzer as talks with Glenda Green about Nutritional Cleansing, a deeply profound ... yet practical ... conversation between two leading-edge thinkers and teachers.

March 1st 2010 More of Laser Allergy relief Join Dr. Kamnitzer as he interviews Debbie Orr, one of the world's leading trainers of practitioners in the revolutionary Laser Allergy Relief method of alleviating allergy symptoms...and much, much, more.

Feb 3rd 2010 Going Deeper into the cutting edge of Allergy relief Join Dr. Kamnitzer as he is interviewed by Bonnie Coleen on Seeing Beyond in the San Francisco Bay area. The discussion focuses on cellular re-patterning and the blending of new technology and ancient wisdom.

Feb 2nd 2010 Breakthroughs in Allergy Relief! Listen to this important audio as Dr. David Kamnitzer shares with us about an amazing NON-MEDICAL breakthrough in allergy relief!

Feb 1st 2010 Randall Burt Join Dr. Kamnitzer as he interviews Randall Burt, a Montana family man who has business partners all over the world ... and can work when, where, and with whom he chooses ... even though FINANCIALLY, he doesn't have to work at all!
Dec 1st 2009 David Kamnitzer!! Join Dr. Kamnitzer as he talks about his work with Bonnie Colleen. This is a great overview of David's work - please feel free to contact him at his website above.

Oct 1st 2009 Stephen Rogers Join Dr. Kamnitzer as he interviews healer and teacher Stephen Rogers. These two healers take the conversation really deep! Lots of insights, combined with many practical tips.

July 4th 2009 Dave Hubbard Join Dr. Kamnitzer as he interviews Dave Hubbard, the inventor of Fit 10 -- a breakthrough technology that allows people to get the powerful benefits of exercise ... in only 10 minutes per day!.

April 13th 2009 Live Lecture Join David in a live lecture where he powerfully shares about the miracle of Nutritional Cleansing.

April 1st 2009 Colin Mallard Join David as he interviews spiritual author Colin Mallard, author of Uncommon Reasons, as well as many other writings.

The interview focuses on several areas including the role of fiction in consciousness expansion and Colin's unique spiritual journey. A deep interview.
October 6th 2008 Yuri and Constance Kronn Join David as he explores this fascinating topic wth two leading-edge thinkers and innovators.

October 2nd 2008 David Kamnitzer This time, David gets interviewed by Kathy Bibby and covers a wide range of topics focusing especially on spirituality, money and entrepreneurship.

June 23rd 2008 Mary Sise, LCSW Join David for another stimulating conversation with an expert on the cutting edge of Energy Psychology.

March 8th 2008 Dr. Dave Eldredge Come feast at this banquet of inspiration and information! This interveiw between two holistic doctors was conducted at a very high level of energy and consciousness.

Feb 14th 2008 Cathleen Campbell Join David as he interviews a remarkable woman - Cathleen Campbell. Cathleen shares about her journey from corporate fast-tracker to temporary paralysis to feng shui specialist, EFT practitioner and aromatherapist. Today, Cathleen combines state of the art clearing work with sales coaching to empower people to live their dreams!

Feb 5th 2008 Dr. Paul Anderson Healthy Chocolate! Join David and Dr. Anderson as they discuss a brand new breakthrough in helping people to imporve their health AND enjoy the wonders of deep dark chocolate at the same time.

Dec 27th 2007 Ruah Bull David and Ruah Bull discuss adnd explore the many uses of aromatherapy for assisting Spiritual Growth.

Dec 17th 2007 Ruby Yeh Join Dr. Kamnitzer, as he interviews marketing professional Ruby Yeh. Ruby shares her uniqe new service that makes promotion much easier for Visionary Authors.

Oct 30th 2007 Glenda Green Join me, Dr. Kamnitzer, as I interview world famous artist and author Glenda Green about the miracle and implications of her direct encounter with Jesus the Christ.

Watch our video interview with Glenda Green.

October 2nd 2007 Dr. Sherrill Sellman Join me, Dr. Kamnitzer, as I interview Dr. Sherrill Sellman, ND about a wide variety of factors influencing the level of wellness that women experience. This interview is a far-reaching one, covering topics from environmental estrogenic influences to electromagnetic pollution.

More at

Sept 18th 2007 Wayne Van Dyck Enjoy this fascinating audio as Dr. David Kamnitzer interviews Wayne Van Dyck about using the internet to unleash your creative flow and the entrepreneur inside of you!

Wayne's breakthroughs make it possible for even the "technologically-challenged" to participate in this "whole new world"!
More details about Wayne's breakthrough at

July 24th 2007 Dr.Lorna Minewiser Enjoy this intriguing interview with Dr.Lorna Minewiser as we explore the Healing Codes -- a remarkable new healing modality that (I believe) heals all the way to the DNA level!.

July 5th 2007 Ray and Gail Wingfield It is my pleasure to share with you this delightful interview with Ray and Gail Wingfield, as we introduce the miracle of The Oneness Blessing to you.

June 29th 2007 Warren Hanchey
and Dr. Hugh Smith
This show proved to be a fascinating look at the use of holographic discs to promote increased balance and harmony in human beings... truly thrilling!!

June 19th 2007 Sheldon Nidle This is a fascinating and powerful interview with Sheldan Nidle. We discuss a wide variety of topics impacting global transformation ... from a galactic perspective.

Go to Phillip's website for more information. www.

June 12th 2007 Phillip Mountrose. Join David as he explores with Phillip Mountrose how to applycutting edge psychology and other technologies in service to the liberation of the human spirit.

Go to Phillip's website for more information.

June 1st 2007 Conversation with Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa. This is a delightful interview with Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa. We discuss their new book: 2012: Atlantean Revelations as well as the Self-Ascension Process.

Go to their website

January 23rd 2007 Great Conversation with Carol Look – Master EFT Practitioner. A remarkable broad-reaching conversation covering cutting-edge technologies to improve health, wealth, and happiness…including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)…A lot of fun, and very powerful! Enjoy…and Pay it Forward!.

December 14th 2006 Using Your Brain ... For A Change! - with Regina Meredith. Join Dr. David Kamnitzer as he spends the hour with Regina Meredith discussing a most remarkable breakthrough in healing and expanding brain function, based on the work of Lee Gerdes and Brain State Technolgies. Dr. Kamnitzer was moved to do this interview when he listened to a man who had planned to take his own life later in the week share about how his work with Brain State helped him almost IMMEDIATELY recover his will to live and his connection with his greater SELF. One month later, suicide was the last thing on his mind. He was in FLOW once again.

November 30th 2006 Fair Game - An Hour with Faith Barnard: Completing the Network Marketing Trilogy. Dr. Kamnitzer completes his in-depth investigation of network marketing with a fascinating discussion with Faith Barnard, a highly successful network marketer. Dr. Kamnitzer felt compelled to schedule this interview when Faith agreed to address any topic presented for discussion & So it's all Fair Game!.

November 16th 2006 Ellie Drake: Business for the 21st Century. A Vehicle for Transformation Arriving in the United States from her native Iran at age 15 (after she miraculously procured a visa!), Ellie Drake vowed to use her life in this “land of opportunity” to make a major contribution to others and to this country. Ellie has a gift for communicating advanced spiritual principles in ways that are easy to understand and to apply. She believes that Network Marketing provides an ideal arena for individuals to realize financial freedom through empowering others, while becoming the person they really want to be. Join Dr. Kamnitzer as he conducts an exciting in-depth interview with Ellie focused on the topic “Business for the 21st Century: A Vehicle for Transformation”.

November 2nd 2006 Dan Maes: The Truth About Network Marketing After recognizing the extraordinary income potential and the opportunity to fulfill his dream of teaching, training, mentoring and developing others while building a business, Dan Maes left corporate America to become a full time Network Marketing professional. He became a top producer & Multi-million dollar earner with his first company. His success was based solely on his ability to guide others in achieving their dream of financial freedom and abundance. Dan shares his knowledge, passion, experience & insight with thousands of Network Marketing professionals through educational & business seminars around the world. To complement his training, he has developed a comprehensive set of educational tools including books, CDs, DVDs & live trainings that have helped thousands to realize their dreams and goals of improved health, wealth and abundance. Join Dr. Kamnitzer as he explores with Dan what Network Marketing REALLY is, and what it takes to succeed in this remarkable arena.

October 19th 2006 Bobbi DePorter: Quantum Learning Network Joining Dr. Kamnitzer is Bobbi DePorter, author of “Quantum Success” and Co-Founder and President of Quantum Learning Network, an international organization dedicated to empowering students, teachers, administrators, and business people to combine vision, desire, and talent with powerful learning and adaptation skills, in order to create measurable breakthroughs in real-world situations. Join Dr. Kamnitzer and benefit from the amazing alchemy Bobbi has discovered, codified, and is sharing with the world..

October 5th 2006 Get to Know Dr. David Kamnitzer Tune in as Joyce Jackson interviews her co-host, Dr. David Kamnitzer. “I’m really looking forward to an in-depth challenging interview. As someone who has thought deeply about a wide variety of issues in the areas healing, spirituality, and social transformation, I’m excited about the opportunity to share powerful ideas with you, and have a lot of fun at the same time! Learn more about me at”, says Dr. Kamnitzer.

September 21st 2006 Dr. Dennis Harper:
Isagenix Cleansing and Fat-Burning Programs
Tune in as Dr. Kamnitzer talks with Dr. Dennis Harper, DO, a highly respected physician who had the courage to honor the truth of his experience over many years in practice, as he came to the conclusion that there is so much more he could offer his patients than drugs and surgery alone. As he continued to explore the “wellness world”, he came to the conclusion that the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat-Burning Programs were the most powerful interventions he could make with his patients. Join Dr. Kamnitzer as he engages Dr. Harper in an in-depth interview about the Isagenix system.

September 7th 2006 Dr. Jay Kennedy: Breakthroughs in Addressing Chronic Back Pain. Dr. Jay Kennedy is a practicing chiropractor in Pennsylvania and teaches other doctors leading-edge information and protocols about treating and managing serious back challenges. He is an expert on spinal decompression therapy. Steve Hoffman is a leading expert on the use of the ATM-2 Machine, a device that applies understandings in neurology and systems theory to create IMMEDIATE breakthroughs in people’s ability to move pain-free and with ease and grace. Tune in as Dr. Kennedy and Mr. Hoffman share with us significant breakthroughs in the conservative treatment of back pain — an ailment that plagues tens of millions of Americans, and takes a terrible toll on individuals and society in general..

August 24th 2006 The DNA of Healing with Margaret Ruby
& Caring for our Children with Dr. Liz Lipski.
Margaret Ruby is the author of “The DNA of Healing”. Join Dr. Kamnitzer as Margaret shares her unique perspectives and approaches for permanent and deep transformation and healing. Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN is the author of “Digestive Wellness” and “Digestive Wellness for Children”. Stay tuned as Liz shares her “Functional Medicine” perspective on these important matters.

August 10th 2006 A Deeper Look at “A Course in Miracles”
with Gary Renard
Spiritual Teacher Gary Renard is the author of “Disappearance of the Universe”. He is one of the clearest voices helping people understand the key distinctions that make “A Course in Miracles” such a powerful path for many students of Truth. Join Dr. Kamnitzer as Gary shares his latest understandings on his on-going journey.

July 27th 2006 Amazing Healing Herbs from the Amazon with John Easterling Joining Dr. Kamnitzer is herbalist and world adventurer John Easterling, affectionately known as Amazon John, founder of Amazon Herb Company. Join us as John shares with us about the wonders of healing herbs from the Amazon Rain Forest, and how he is helping to provide employment for the native population.

July 13th 2006 Dr. Michael Dobbins:
Nutrition You Can Live With
Joining Dr. Kamnitzer is Dr. Michael Dobbins, one of the world’s leading experts in clinical nutrition, and Standard Process Products in particular. Join us as Dr. Dobbins shares some of his great clinical wisdom and helps guide us to greater health and balance..

June 29th 2006 An Hour with Neale Donald Walsch Dr. Kamnitzer’s guest is well-known author and Spiritual Activist, Neale Donald Walsch. Neale is probably best-known for this "Conversation with God" series of books that have inspired and challenged millions of Truth Seekers around the world. Tune in for this in-depth interview with Neale, as they tackle the tough questions and challenges associated with realizing the vision he brings forth for a new, practical, and grounded Spirituality.

June 15th 2006 David Schmidt: Software for the Human Body Tune in as Dr. Kamnitzer interviews David Schmidt, Inventor of the LifeWave Patch Technology and Founder of LifeWave, LLC. They discuss this amazing new “wireless” communication technology for communicating precise frequencies to the human (and animal) body. Find out the history, theory, and practical application of this breakthrough to increase available energy, improve sleep quality, reduce inflammation, and slow down the aging process.

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