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X Squared Radio
Brooks Agnew and the X Squared Radio Show

Paranormal Internet Talk Radio for your mind.

Brooks Agnew was born in 1955 in Southern California as the son of a NASA contract engineer. He is the descendant of the Agnew and Ross clans of ancient Scotland. Sir Andrew Agnew and Edward the Bruce were best friends and shared the defense of Rosslyn and the region of Galloway in Scotland. Their families married one another for centuries, from which comes the host of this program, X-Squared Radio.

Weekly Show
About the Show:

This is an internet webcast talk radio with Brooks as your host speaking to hundreds of the world's best authorities on the most amazing subjects in the Universe.

In the tinkling sea of internet talk radio, one voice is a rising star...a Renaissance man with a powerful knowledge of both science and spirituality.

In here, the results are always positive. Don't give up on the human race yet. Remember, Earth Explorers that YOU ARE SOURCE!

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