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Amazon Herbs
Amazon John Easterling
Circle of Benefit

Amazon Herbs supports the rainforest in a tangible way by supporting the people that grow the rich source of herbs in this bio-diverse wonderland.

Making it all possible is Amazon John Easterling, who has funded the surveying and title deeds to the land these indigenous peoples have habited for centuries. This enable them to protect their land from logging companies, mining companies, cattle and soy bean farmers and gives them a viable source of income for their knowledge and skills.

The incredibly rich tapestry of plant life that surrounds the Amazon river from Peru to Brazil is literally the lungs of the planet and we are losing 6 football fields of forest PER MINUTE.

Originally, Amazon Herbs were only available through doctors, but now, Amazon John has created what he terms a 'Circle of Benefit' to help the planet, help the people who live there and help us in our stressful lives.

For a full independent review on the Amazon Herb Company by Natural News reporter Mike Adams, click here.
Amazon Herb products are now available directly to you, either at retail prices or as a wholesale customer.

Click the pictures below to join the Circle of Benefit for the health of the planet.

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