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Regina's Vegetarian Table
Regina's Vegetarian Table

Some of you may be aware of Regina's career history and the fact that she is an excellent vegetarian cook, having authored two books and hosted 6 seasons of Regina's Vegetarian Table on PBS, which also aired in Canada and Australia.

For the first time since the end of the 6 season run, DVD's have been made available for each series so you can watch, learn and cook along with Regina and know that everything you are cooking has healthy fats in mind. This clip is actually a special clip featuring Udo Erasmus' Udo's Oil - which is highly recommended for both humans and animals!

Healthy Fats Cooking was created by Regina to ensure that you do not create trans-fats from pure oils by over heating them. Many people cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil thinking that they are cooking healthily - without knowing that they are unwittingly creating the very fats they are trying to avoid, simply by taking them above their safe temperature.

Learn how to treat your body right and cook delicious vegetarian food, even if you are a carnivore! You can purchase her book, Regina's Vegetarian Table as well as each series of the PBS show. A special discount is available for all 6 series.

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