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Scott and Regina,

I just want to say thank you for developing and offering this site. It is a treasure chest of information and truth. Regina, your brilliance, wisdom, and ability to clearly articulate complex concepts is astounding. You are also a masterful interviewer, always gently leading and redirecting the interviewee into the heart of the subject at hand. This site, the truth it contains, the wisdom with which the two of you have constructed it, is just a bright, bright light in the Universe. The work, time and energy that you put into creating this that none of us ever sees clearly shines through in the finished product. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Please keep us the great work!

Dear Regina and Scott,

Since I've known about your website it has become an integral part of my life. I enjoy the variety of the interviews and have followed many a link from them. I find you are doing a terrific job and should also be rewarded for it. It is not that you are charging for the information but just simply for the service of getting it accesible.

Because I choose to spend my time with different things and want only to be aware of the "finished product" of an interview, I find it only civil and natural to pay for that. How much time and money do you save me by doing this!

Living in Switzerland I would not so easily get a chance to hear about many of the people you are interviewing. Even if I have heard of them, your interviews help me decide if I really want to buy their books etc. I find it a human courtesy and common sense to participate freely on your costs.

There is just one thing I believe you should do differently: stop justifying for having to start charging. If more people had supported you freely, you would not have been in a situation where you have to charge. It was up to those many viewers that you do have. It is all our co-creation, so now we also have to accept the result. No blame, no shame, just facts.

All the best to you and your entire team!

I am exited every beginning of the month to see what goodies you are bringing us this month, thank you for that and many kind greetings from Basel.


A blessed Christmas to you both.

May I say how grateful I am for the amazing interviews you afford us - all so sensitive and amazing.

I have shared many of them with my friends. I can honestly say that as a result of listening to these interviews much of my life view has changed for the better.

I honor your path and bless you for your insight and intuition to offer us the most perfect and timely interviews.

godspeed, my dear ones...


Regina and Scott,

Just a quick note of appreciation for all the work you have done through this site. I have to say that your site is my favorite place to go for information. I've disconnected my tv and instead spend my time listening/watching your interviews. It is truly fascinating material and what a treasure to have this resource all in one place. Thank you so much!

Also, I have to say that your website design and layout is extraordinarily user friendly and easy to navigate. Other sites have great materials but are often not so easy to use. Kudos all the way around. Please continue the great work!



I just finished watching your interview with Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton, and am so happy about it I just have to thank you right now for everything. I somehow bumped into your website this summer when searching for information on colon cancer. I was hooked by the "Butts and guts" interview which I thought was excellent. I then started devouring many of the other interviews.

Finding your site was like hitting the mother lode, the jackpot, at times it's been an emotional lifeline even, as I would replay certain loving gentle interviews to comfort myself when fearful during low points. During this health challenge I have been supported by the loving and wise voices, including yours, sharing vital and encouraging information via the Conscious Media Network. I am so grateful for this resource.

I haven't visited the site in awhile and am happy to see all the new-to-me interviews. You are an inspiration and a Light.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Dear Regina & Scott

Superlatives fail regarding the fruits of your efforts. During times when I'm feeling a bit separated, CMN is a beacon of sanity and reassurance in this often mad world. The wisdom and knowledge from you and your various interviewees, by being instrumental in my life, has in turn helped me encourage others with matters of conscious living.

Continued health and success.


Troy, MI

Hi, Regina and Scott:

It's about time I thanked you for this wonderful website. Since I have subscribed I have been like a kid in a candy store and have finally only got about 5 more to watch, but of course will watch them all again.

It has been wonderful to watch interviews of those whom I knew about, and great fun to discover new people I want to learn more about. Because of your site, I am now on mailing lists (and have bought book and CDs from) Christine Page, William Henry, Freddy Silva, Donna Eden, Dawson Church and Philip Mountrose. I was so fascinated with Don Miguel, Jr. - I have all his father's books;

There has not been one interview that has not been interesting and I love learning about what people are doing.

I just wanted you to know that your website is fabulous - and I have passed it on to many people, one of which has also become a subscriber. I love your Fifth Element, Regina.

Again - THANKS!!!

Dottie, Philadelphia

Dear Regina

Thank you so very much for your web site and all YOU do and give back.

Since I have come upon your site I have not turned my TV on, in fact I have some one picking it up on Friday. I have been to many seminars and retreats and listened to many people speak, but nothing that I have done compares to listening to the people you interview. I am now in the "college" of life", thanks to all of you.

I do not have to spend money, gas, nor waste time. I watch when its convenient to me and if I need to stop I pause and come right back. I feel like I am in a school of awakening even more each day.

You and all of your guests are the angels of our earth.

I love to fill my time with all of you.

Thank you so very much for following your path of what you believe in and love.

Be in love and light, L. K.

Thanks Scott and Regina

We are constantly being amazed by people you are interviewing.....Bruce Lipton is fantastic!

It was awesome to hear Sally Fallon on your site........and to see raw milk being discussed on CMN is brilliant.

Your website and the people you interview are making a massive difference, certainly to us, and probably to many thousands if not millions of people around the world.

To see a demonstration of how to go beyond the stage of being bummed out by learning "too much" and to move on with a positive focus is one of the best things we get from CMN.

Thanks and Best wishes from Deb and Ian

Hi Dear People,

This month I just had to upgrade my membership, and let me say it's worth every penny and much more!

Every month you keep bringing more interviews and more information that are always highly relevant to things that I am reading or researching and it adds more pieces to the puzzle. It is so enlightening and so exciting to see this happening every month.

Thank you SO much for what you're bringing to all of us... I am truly truly grateful, beyond anything that I could say here.

Much Love always...

Thank you so much!

It is so important that this website be accessible and free of charge!

I am a native Montrealer living in France. I am going through a messy divorce, raising my daughter without any financial support, have big financial problems so my only "luxury" is the internet. 

I was in a depressive state for the last year, getting worse and worse. I was giving up on life, thinking about leaving my ex -husband to care for my daughter because I had no more energy to go on with my day to day life. I then discovered your web site through an interview with Eric Pearl on "You Tube". I then hooked up with CMN and MY LIFE CHANGED!! 

I listened carefully over and over again to interviews with Dr. Vernon Woolf, Dr. John Demartini, Peter Russell, Robert Tennison Stevens....These interviews changed my entire perception on life. I found love within myself and felt the paradigm shift!!!

I have now taken back full possesion of my life and I am reading the books of the people mentioned above.  I am so gratefull that people like you take time and energy to make it possible for people around the world to access information that is life changing, touches the heart, and makes a BIG difference in ones lives and the ones around us. I nearly abandoned my five year old daughter two months ago, and now, I am proud to be raising her and have decided to go back to my studies and I have found a temporary job that is paying the bills.

Thank you so much for the intelligent interviews. Keep up the good work.

After all, as Vernon Woolfe writes in his book The Holodynamic State of Being, "You keep what you give away".

Jessie, France

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the work you do. Your website has provided me with incredible exposure to some truly great people and to precious knowledge. I am so grateful to have found your website (though I cannot remember where or how I found it) and just wanted to say THANK YOU. I share your website with as many as I am able, and hope to make greater contributions in the future.


Hello there! I just wanted to give a few words of support and express my gratitude for putting together such a fine site! I'm 31, an underemployed massage therapist, and I've loved the alternative health and wellness field my whole life. This is quickly becoming my favorite site. I don't have a lot of money, so I usually can't afford the conferences... but through you, I get the interviews! It means so much to me to be able to see faces and hear smiles. Podcasts are great, so are books, but your interviews are top notch!!! Keep up the good work. Yea!! Well done!!!

With my most sincerest gratitude,

Christy, CA.


I recently came upon your website while casually surfing the net. After signing up and watching a few interviews I can only say how tremendously grateful I am for your efforts. I'm familiar with many of the people interviewed, and have met a few that I wasn't so familiar with. This insightful and informative content is a real treasure to access. I'm happy to say that I will be making a small, but meaningful donation in the near future so that your site can move forward. Please keep up the fine work you are doing.

Sincerely, Lou

Your work, the information and services you provide are amazing! Many, many thanks.

Bianca, Mexico

I would like to thank all of the people at Conscious Media Network for opening up a new frequency level to me. I am now starting my new journey, dedicated to enlightenment for myself and all of mankind. I cannot thank you to the extent I would like to, but I know that being conscious and teaching it will be the ultimate thank you for us all.

100% true, pure, reality

Mitchell J. L,

Thank you for the TRUTH and for helping us all become aware and enlightened.

Sarah, Arizona

Your website is an excellent source of information. Thank you so, so much for the work that you do -- you have helped me tremendously as I reconnect myself. I am truly grateful. Wishing you continued health, happiness, success, light and love...from Halifax, NS, CANADA.

Wanda, Canada

Thank you for your dedication and high quality interviews. You're doing a great service to mankind at this time. Blessings to you.

Rosemarie, Neusaess, Germany

Keep up the GREAT work! You are doing a great job of helping people to wake up to reality. I love what you are doing!!!

Ann, Missouri

Your site and the results of your work are a key to our survival as a planet and a loving people. Thank you.

Scott, Colorado

Thank you for the work you do.

Sally, Canada

Thank you so much for these wondeful interviews and for doing this on a donation basis.

Boris, California

Dear Regina & Scott,

I would like to thank you for taking the time to put this website together with all those amazing and inspirational people.

I feel like this is the boost i've been needing to re-focus my energy and get motivated about not just waking myself up but others as well.

I feel such a connection with many of the speakers and their beautiful energy which adds a little more emphasis to what is being said, especially
when one can connect with the speaker visually as well as aurally.

I will certainly share this wonderful site with as many people as i can and have plans to feature one interview at each meeting with my Infinite Possibilites Discussion Group. This group, which has been an idea in the making for a while, will finally see the light of day partly due to your inspirational site.

Thanks again to both of you.

Love & Respect,


The Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia.

Thank you so much for everything you do and information you provide!

Julija O, Connecticut

Dear Regina and Scott,

I have spent a great deal of the last 3 months investigating the scurrilous activities of the Secret Government. The lie on global warming, the engineered financial collapses, and the bogus war on terror actually started to make me very despondent and depressed. By some synchronicity I came to your website. It is the most absorbing site I have ever seen and has given me a new vision, a new understanding and most importantly a much needed new hope. TV is a thing of the past now as I spend spare time gaining knowledge from all the wonderful interviews and meeting the fascinating people on your site.

I just wanted to thank you, and to say how very much I admire your work and all that you are doing.

Kind regards

Martin W

Thank you for creating a high quality, content-centered alternative to both mainstream TV and many websites calling themselves "alternative". The latter often rely on noise, fear, strange imagery, doodads and googaws, revealing a low opinion of audience intelligence and perhaps also the lesser quality of their content.

It is equally impressive that you offer the material for no charge and by voluntary donation only, setting the right tone for education in cutting edge topics.

Anyway, I donated, bookmarked your site, and wanted to let you know exactly why I appreciate your work.

Michele, Colorado

Scott & Regina, I want to thank you for the best web site I have found in 4 years of non-stop surfing.

I am 65, unable to get out and around so I spend about 12 hours a day on the internet. I know when a good thing is on my screen, believe me!!! I have heard every person you have interviewed and some of them several times (Dannion Brinkley comes to mind!)

Bravo. Thanks again,

William B

An incredible site and one I will return to often - hopefully daily. Thank you for your service to humanity.

Dwight, Santa Fe

I love your interviews! I have been watching for some time now and I thought it was about time I did my share and donate.

I have a request, can you please interview Dr. Roger Leir?.

Thanks so much, you have changed my life!

Kal, Florida


I just wanted to thank you from my deepest heart for what you are doing. it is just enjoyable, healing, and even entertaining to listen to those interviews done with so much heart, care, openness, sensitivity and knowledge.

It is all coming back to you! :-)

You and your husband be very well and have a continuing great journey as I also continue sailing . . .

Mycle, Germany

Our gratitude overflows. Your website is an incredible source of knowledge, wisdom and entertainment. Wonderful guests enhanced by Regina's ability to listen on our behalf, whilst gently keeping the conversations on point. brilliant!

Thank you for providing this service to us and to the planet.


Sabina & Jerry, Ibiza, Spain.

Regina and Scott .....

After watching many of the CMN interviews for free for the last month, I decided to do the right thing and subscribe to help support your cause.

I found your site when I Googled - Hank Wesselman - and watched one of his interviews with CMN .. and then checked out your site !!! .. Since then, one great interview has led to another, and another, and another ............... !!!

I have told dozens of people about your site, and hopefully some of them have passed your site on to others. I know that at least one of my contacts has done that, and hopefully some of them will become subscribers also !!

I had been thinking about subscribing, since I first found CMN, but kept putting it off until yesterday, when I clicked on your 'About Us' page, and read the content there .. You are a dedicated couple, and the least way I could show my appreciation, was to become a member .. I will continue to pass CMN on to others who I know !!

A quick story ... I was familiar with and quite impressed with Hank Wesselman from a few years ago when I read two of his books and spent a little time doing some Shaman work on myself .. After I watched his interviews on CMN, I was even more impressed !! .. Then I started roaming around through the other interviews, becoming more and more impressed with the quality of the people you chose to interview !! ..... At the same time, I was being bombarded with information and links from my friends about .. 2012 .. Conspiracy theories .. The New World Order .. the economic turn down .. ect .. and other events that I felt quite disturbed and fearful about ..  so I decided to check your interviews for some opinions !! .. I scrolled down the interview page to "Economic Agenda" with David Icke to hopefully learn something about what is going on with the economy !!

I want to tell you that I would have dismissed David Icke immediately, as a cook or crazy man, if I had stumbled upon his web page first, and hadn't already learned to trust your site, and the quality of the people you interview .. It didn't take me long into that interview, to realize that he was a man of some substance, and that I needed start with his first interview, and watch all of them !! .. Wow .. Did he open my eyes !! .. Well, opening up to David's ideas, opened me up to other stuff that I was hearing ..  and his interviews as well as the others I watched on CMN, have helped me to put things in greater perspective !!!

Because most if not all of your interviews, not only bring attention to and explain some of what is going on in the world today, but also offer some solutions to the problems, I am not as fearful today about the future as I was just a few months ago .. and I feel like I am less caught up in todays problems, and more likely to be a part of the solutions !!

Thanks again for your wonderful CMN web site ....

Sincerely, Gary S.

Thank you for your inspiring site, it is incredible and inspiring. It truly helps to raise the vibration of the world.

A Olson, Takapuna, New Zealand

Thank you very much for your wonderful interviews and your spiritual work to raise the level of consciousness of people on this planet!

Anna, Oakleigh, South Victoria, Australia

Thank you for your wonderful, life-changing, transformational website that is filled with information for everyone.

Paul, Santa Fe

Regina and Scott,

Thanks so much for your great work and the great interviews.

Ray and April, Tracy City, TN

Thanks for the wonderful site. I've started going through the interviews - great quality and wonderful content - I'm in awe of what you're doing.


Russell, Perth, Australia

Just a quick note to say thanks. Your web site should be a web browsers opening page. It's a privilege to be a supporter.

Your interviews are fantastic! Thanks again, I can't say thanks enough.



Many thanks to Regina and all who make this site possible. Finally! TV with meaning, something different than rehashed plots, or corporate sponsored news but ideas and thoughts to make you challenge everything you believe to be true about life. This is what I call "making a difference"!

Craig, Houston, TX

Thank you very much for the wealth of information and for the important work you are doing. I just wish you can have more interviews more often. Thank you again.

Ujin, South Korea

Hey Regina and Scott,

I am not the type of guy who normally writes letters and all that, this is actually the first time I'm doing something like this, so that in itself should tell you how much I appreciate what you guys are doing. I first found your site from a link on YouTube about David Icke, and I was amazed that just about every single topic of interest of mine was somehow covered on your site from quantum physics, consciousness, ancient civilizations and wisdom, psychodelic drugs, astrology, and on and on. It's amazing how all of these things come together making it not many topics of interest but just one thing. Your interviews have opened my mind to new possibilities and your work is bringing people together from all walks of life who otherwise might have never had the opportunity. Just the fact that you are following your hearts and being yourselves is an inspiration.

These stories and wisdom need to be shared and you guys are doing a great job! Thank you!

You have a friend in Toronto. Jeff

Hello to all of you at the Conscious Media Network,

Thank you to all of you for a job well done.  I do realize that you have offered these videos free of charge and I am so grateful.  I also realize that my meager donation doesn't even cover 1/2 of an interview!   I have a chronic condition that top surgeons seem to think will not go away.  This effects my income because if I don't work, I don't get paid.  I have no sick days or vacation.   I had all but given up hope.  I don't know how I stumbled on to you, but I am certainly glad I did.   There are no accidents. 

After watching some of your interviews, I now have hope.  I can read books on some of the topics that may be able to help me!  I am talking about topics that never entered my mind before.  What a revelation it is to think out of the box.  Who says I cannot be cured???  Ah, maybe by Western medicine I cannot be cured, but what about help from a Shaman?  Or what about tapping into an unconscious realm for help?   I would have never even considered it or any other modalities had I not bumped into your website.  I am very thankful and hope you continue to do this wonderful work.  I find it very useful and enjoyable. 

Regina is really a wonderful interviewer and she is so professional.  The videos are put together in such a lovely manner.  Thank you to everyone.  I am so grateful to you all.  May it comeback to you a thousand times. 

I offer you this letter of gratitude since I have no real money to offer you.  Please keep up the great work.
 Very Sincerely yours,

Laura S.

Hi Regina, 
I found your interview with Aaron Russo to be as good as Aaron's movie "American Freedom to Fascism".   The mention of the internment camps was the most important part.  THANK YOU. 
I have sent Aaron an email letting him know that my offices are open and available to any member of his AFTF group. 
The good work that you and Scott do including the free website services to any American on the internet shows the caliber of good folks that you are.   You and Scott are also welcome and invited to visit and use our facilities if you are in the Carolinas. 
My wife Darlene and I both are Reiki Masters and strongly believe in helping others.
God Bless you and Scott for your great contributions.
Stephen K. H, Sr.

Dear Regina & Scott:

You guys are great. I've only recently become aware of your website from Vernon Woolf's website. I of course heard his interview with Regina and looked at the rest of the website and initially didn't think there was any more info for my quest. I was wrong.

You folks have developed a reservoir of information and the fact that you are offering it for free is beyond belief. I've downloaded some stuff with iTunes and will be putting in my donation to you probably next week and again I can only give you my heartfelt thanks to you both and hope to help you as much as I can in the near future to insure that this information continues to get to the people who need it most.

My sincerest appreciation,

Jim C.
Staten Island, NY

Conscious Media Network!!!!
Thank you all sooooo much for doing what you do. All the interveiws i've watched thus far I have enjoyed very much and I am grateful there are a crew of people such as CMN making important and urgent information accessible and with an air of clarity.
I would love to see an interveiw with Marshall Rosenberg who founded the Center for Non-Violent Communication.  I feel the work he is doing right now is very helpful in assisting the paradigm shift. 
 Thank you Again,
Love and Light,


Dear Regina and Scott,

I have found that the many different ideas and expressions here are phenomenal and I keep returning to your interviews for spiritual support. I went through an awakening last year. Since that time my life has changed profoundly. I have related to many of the people you have interviewed. I most have related to those who talk about the download. I do not really know where to go with the information I now have. I have begun to compile the things that came into my existence. I am going to be putting them all on a website.

I am a carpenter in New York. I was in a life of machismo and denial, and then it happened. I am trying to make sense of it, but I am dumfounded by the amount of information that I was given. I was compelled to write you and tell you about me and let you know you are touching me and helping me see that I am not alone.

Thank you very much.

Derek N.

Hi Regina and Scott,

I just came across your website on the weekend it and it's just great. I have thoroughly enjoyed the interviews I've listened to so far, and the interview style you have is lovely. One thing I would have liked to know, is when the interview was recorded.

Another similar site which I like too, but is different, is Because I would like your work to continue I did send a small donation and I hope to again later. In the meantime I thank you.

Yours truly,

Margaret A.

Hey Regina and Scott,

I was just sent to your web site by a friend and HEY, great job! Shooting and posting those interviews is exactly right. I'm in alignment with your info (I only watched a brief few moments of a few interviews) and am glad you decided to do something about the Lies being distributed through the mainstream media.

Personally, I've written a book about natural living, co-authored a book on ADD/ADHD, and am now producing my own videos for the web.

We have much in common...maybe one day we can help each other spread the Truth to the masses. :) Take care and keep up the great work!

Larry C., Los Angeles, CA

Hey Regina and Scott, Aloha!

Kolea Kelly Dinneen here just wanting you to know how much the website has changed my life. I am so grateful to you for your courage and commitment. I watched Aaron Russo's video last night twice. I am so ready to WAKE PEOPLE UP!!!!!!!!!!! I am at work right now and it has been a very busy day. I have been tellng everyone about the site and Aaron's video. I just connected with a woman from N.Y. and she totally new what I was talking about and to my surprized actually cared!

I will be filming and interviewing people as we walk across the country. I would love your input and ideas/advice on clear, consise, and powerful questions to ask the People of America. I could also use a little of your finess Regina! I'm so pissed off and frustrated! I love how professional you are; allowing the message to be heard and not the messanger. It is truly inspiring.

I'm looking forward to seeing the United Souls interview on the site. Sure wish I had been part of that one! Much love and light! Happy Equinox,

Kolea Kelly D.

I stumbled on your site after randomly browsing youtube and finding a short clip on LSD, which was one of your many interviews. I checked out the site and I am completely in awe that such a repository for amazing information exists. This is just unbelievable to me; I cannot believe these interviews are free for everyone to view. I am President of my university's chapter of an organization devoted to promoting self knowledge and unbiased spirituality, and I am going to be drawing from your video interviews enormously both for my personal development and for meeting material. I will happily contribute funds to your organization and traffic to your website (I've already written about it in my blog and a popular messageboard I frequent).
Thank you,

Jimmy S.

Hi, I just viewed Acharya's video on your website. It was good to see the person who wrote the book: The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold, which I read two years ago with the greatest of interest.

Thirty years ago, I was a Jehovah's Witness. When I broke away from that sect (I was a witness for seventeen years, got married to a Witness woman and had two children with her, also Witnesses) I lost everything, my family, friends and the entire community, not to mention my faith. I survived and even thrived in a new city with a new life-partner, but spent the rest of my life wondering about the meaning of the bible and the faith I had lost. I tried other mainstream churches (like the protestant United Church of Canada) but eventually, although they were more liberal and tolerant, that way too seemed like a fairy tale, until I read Achary's book, which was truly an eye opener. A national treasure!

The myths she describes that predate the New Testament but at the same time, align with them, put the whole thing into perspective. Now, I am a "free spirit" of sorts. I am free to believe and meditate on an inner power and strength never tapped (by me) before, free from the guilt and shackles of Christianity and all of the agony which came from there. To put it another way, Acharya, instead of making an atheist out of me, has opened up a realm of possibilities with her books. I see the really big picture now, which is most liberating.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Acharya and the ConsciousMediaNetwork. Know that you are doing wonderful things that give new meaning to life. A new lease on life. Life that is interesting, challenging and fun when you take the blinders off!

Jim K.

Several months back, I was struck with the big epiphany about truth and reality. The one where you suddenly understand that most of what is told as truth is not truth, and can usually hurt you. The one where you realize that greed has almost single handedly created this “un-reality.” The one where you get that leaders often lead from behind an invisible curtain, like wizardly goofs, manipulating the helm and the controls to project images which are not real if it will ultimately make them more money somehow. Aha. Our world, in all of its inbred convention, is an un-reality, a facade.

The very next morning, I stumbled upon the Conscious Media Network. What a way to follow up my aha moments of the day before but with the un-reality antidote. A doorway of consciousness, informedness, and enlightenment. A convenient way to get to the world of reality.

Regina and Scott, you are pioneering something very important here. The world needs this, and there is not enough of it! What’s more, the Conscious Media Network's high caliber purpose, content and guests, journalism, and use of technology make this a first class endeavor. These days, it's hard to find any product made of high quality. Here, I have found such attention to detail, such integrity, such abundance. Thank you.

I know it must be a leap of faith to keep building your concept, but I can only say that you have the full encouragement of one very thrilled patron of your site. The Conscious Media Network is terrific! I am enjoying it greatly. I hope all of your plans manifest brilliantly. Best of luck to you!

With gratitude and support,

Denise H., Florida, USA

Hi Regina and Scott,

I turned to Conscious Media Network (CMN) for comfort last year following the sudden and tragic death of my 15 y/o son, Ryan. My desperate search to alleviate the grief only created more questions in my mind: Where did Ryan go? Was he OK? Could he see and hear the grief and sadness in the family that he left behind? Would we see him again?

At CMN I found solace and relief from my anguish through the wisdom, knowledge, and information that several of the guest interviews provided. The assurance that we, indeed, survive our deaths was uplifting. What a comfort it is for a parent to know that our child did not die. For this knowledge, I am eternally grateful to Regina and Scott, and to all the wonderful teachers, healers, and scientists who offer their life's work, cutting edge information, and inspiring words to live by. CMN's free videos are worthy of praise and recognition.

However grateful and relieved I was with the knowledge that my son Ryan was alive and well; nothing could have prepared me for the darkness that was soon to befall me. Little did I know at the time, CMN would literally save my life. Over the past 6 months, my life just seemed to rapidly spiral uncontrollably downward. My depression and anxiety worsened. My fears appeared to take control as I began to view the world as a hellish prison. Life had become so unbearable that late last month I decided to commit suicide.

I planned and prepared my death in private as not to revile my plans to my family or friends. It was on July 25th, only hours or days before my planned suicide, that I again turned to CMN for comfort. I saw listed an interview by Lee Gerdes of Brain State Technologies in Scottsdale, AZ. Something nudged me within to watch the interview in spite of my lack of interest in technology at the time. As I watched Lee describe the technology that he had developed as a method of harmonizing the brain to overcome such conditions as depression, anxiety, fear, etc., I felt a sense of hope. With some hesitation, I called his office the very next day for an appointment. It just so happened that a cancellation for Friday, July 28th had come available. On Friday, Lee told me that my brain mapping revealed a blockage just above my subconscious level that was the accumulation of years of fear and anxiety. My brain was out of balance. After four brain training sessions by Saturday, July 29th, I was no longer contemplating suicide. The urge, or desire, to end my life was gone! Really, it was gone!

Nearly a month later now, I have never felt better. I have my optimism back, I am hopeful and, more importantly, I feel in control of my life like I never have been before. Was it a miracle? Or, was it science? Call it what you will. I am alive and well, thanks to CMN and to Lee Gerdes.

Jeff M., Phoenix, AZ

Hi Regina and Scott,

Thank you, thank you, for the interview with Adam Taha! As an ex-wife of an Egyptian man, I know all too well the history and struggle of the Palestinian people. I believe it's a huge injustice that the American people only see one side of the situation. It infuriates me when people say that it's only about religion and that Islam is to blame.

Islam in reality is a beautiful religion and Moslems are generally very kind and loving beings who respect Christianity and Judaism and accept their teachings as part of their own. It's time they get the respect they deserve.

I afraid that I believe the same as Mr. Taha, that the world will never see peace until the "Palestinian Situation" is resolved and there is true peace in the Middle East. I wish our American government would see this, as well and change their policies when working with the Middle East.

I very much enjoy the videos you have! Keep up the great work! Adam Taha should be on 60 Minutes!

Gail M., New York

What a treasure your website is!!!

Your collection of interviews with so many captivating speakers brings HOPE AND STRENGTH in these troubled times to those of us who are trying hard to stay in the light.

Thank you many times over.

Krisztina S.

Dear Regina,

Thank you for bringing this invaluable information to the public free of charge. I have been a student of metaphysics, quantum mechanics, esoteric spirituality, pranic healing, and human creative potential for a good number of years. It can be expensive...and money should not be an obstacle in expanding an appreciation for this wisdom among the general populace...the majority of whom are unwittingly spoon fed garbage and manipulated by the mainstream media.

Hello Regina and Scott

My name is Trevor and I'd just like to say that these interviews have changed my life in a very positive way. I was raised in a very strict environment, which didn't allow for question-- only trust without question. My journey for spiritual healing, although still fresh, has led me to several sites on the internet and several books. Then I found your site. Some of these interviews have made me tremble with fear, some have made me sit and listen in awe, but they all have given me real hope for the future and for our species as a whole.

The current political situations that plague the earth have left me very fearful of the future and the well-being of my children and future generations, so, even if I don't always understand what I'm hearing or feeling in these interviews, I know instinctively that they carry far more truth than our political leaders, or those religions which cannot be questioned.

Because I've downloaded so many interviews to my iPod and listened to them at every opportunity, I've made a small donation to your site. It's not much, but it's all I can afford right now. My real payment to you is the thankfulness I feel in my heart for the work you are doing. You've brought great peace of mind and purpose to my floundering hopes and waning patience.

Thank you for the incredible thing you are doing. Even though it may strike you as mundane, at times, it resonates louder and more true with every word of every interview. So, thank you again, from the depths of my slowly healing heart.

All the best,

Trevor W.

Hi there,

My name is Brough Perkins. I am a very young man from Toronto, Canada. I have been giving psychic readings for seven years and have been on national tv in Canada to spread awareness.

At age 22, I have found it disheartening to find out that the public has been misinformed. For months I've been working with my co-writer on a course for my clientele featuring the work of scientists like Gary Schwartz.

I am thoroughly enjoying your interviews and I want you to know that I am very proud of this! I would like to feature your website on mine when it is up. I also have sent your link to Victor Zammit, a friend of mine.

If you ever are in Ontario let me know!


Hi Family

I watched the interview with Dr. Teri Mahaney last night - LOVED IT! I even ordered her book.

Love, Kei

We just wanted to thank you for some of the best interviewing being done in the media. Seriously, you are so well informed on the subject matter and it shows.

Thank you very much for being part of our efforts to enlighten ourselves.

Sincerely, Liz and Shay

C.I.C.L.E. Cyclists Inciting Change thru Live Exchange (

Keep up the fantastic work!!

Hi - I just wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation for the terrific website and the episodes you have made available to the public.

You are providing a wonderful guidepost for us denizens awakening to the state of our planet and our consciousness at this fantastic time in history. I firmly believe your information will be referenced in the years and decades to come as a high quality snapshot of the leading edge analysis and discussion of what might be called humanity's 'make or break' decades of the early 21st century.

Please don't stop!!

Sincerely, your fan, Ian (Victoria BC)


Thank You so much for providing such a great service to humanity!

Keep up the great work!

With love from Germany,

Timo K.

Dear Regina,

Finding your site was like stumbling into an oasis from the desert. I've been watching your video interviews and am incredibly impressed. I've been looking for high quality material like this for years and here it all is in one place in broadband video! I came to your site via a search on for David Icke.

I'm so moved by your work that I just had to reach out.

All my best,

John C.

thanks bblc!


I just wanted to send my thanks for all of the interesting content you've provided. I will seriously consider donating $ at some point in the future. Also if you need web design help, i do that professionally & I would gladly donate some of my time. Thanks again, and keep up the great work

Josh S.


Thank you for this website. Whether one agrees with its contents or not, it cannot be disputed that it is a tremendous source of mind food.

Thank you many times over for your superb afforts.

Michael A., Selangor, Malaysia

Quotation from US Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld : "I believe what I said yesterday. I don't know what I said, but I know what I think, and, well, I assume it's what I said."

I am almost speechless. I have never seen content like this. You could say I've been looking for this material my whole life. Thanks for the red pill.

I used to study scientology about 10 years ago and the things I learned there where the closest to help me understand man / mind. Eventually I left the organization. Although there seemed to be lots of truth, there was also lots of unwanted control and some speculative 'brain washing'. I'm curious to hear your views or any coverage you have on the topic of Scientology, Dianetics, or L Ron Hubbard.

Thank you!!!

Darren N.

Hi, I really like your site and now have it marked as a "favorite"! As our rights and freedoms dwindle more every day, it is so important for people to have an unbiased source for news and information.

I'm a member of the Self Realization Fellowship and have written a book on meditation called, "The Perfect Pause" and several articles on spirituality. If you are ever looking for freelance writers I would be happy to contribute. My web address is: if you would like to see some of my work.

Thank you and have a great Holiday!

Eric Vance Walton

Dear Conscious Media Network,

I've watched most of your interviews, and found them very enlightening. I was especially fond of watching Dr. Kaku and Achyra S. Both respected scientist in their fields.

I have been following the works of Achyra S. for a few months now, and I deeply admire her for her courage and desdain at the pursuit of objective truth in her line of work. Her book "The Christ Conspiracy" is on my list as the most revolutionary piece of scientific work that I have read up to now.

So, naturally I became an instant admired of hers.Hence, ever since, I visited her site periodically in hopes that she would ever come to town here in Houston, so that maybe she would some day autograph my copy of her book. As luck would turn out, it was during one of these visits to her site that I discoverd that she was being interviewd in your website. What a delightfull surprise that was! So, that's when I first came in contact with your website. And there she was! In all her beautifull glory! this was a very special treat for me that I will never forget. For which, I will always be greatfull to you and your website.

I then became interested in your website, and got to watch almost all of the other interviews in it. I found all of them illuminating, instructive and entertaining. Thank you very much for making such menaninfull use of the capabilities of modern technology. You are doing a great job spreading good news to the world through this information. all these visionary perspective are enlightening and encouraging to us all; indiscriminate of our individual environment or social/economical background.

Please don't stop the good work. Thank you.

Franklin A P.

Hi again!

I'm watching from Belgium, the Flemish part.

I work most of the time in the broadcast room?! for a local tv station, since 5 years now.

Sending out news without spirit :-)

You're doing a great job with you're website, keep up the good work.

You're my favorite channel.



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