Conscious Media, your sustainable digital media partner

At Conscious Media, we bring the world’s most advanced sustainable technologies to brands in the MENA Region.

Our goal

We boost your digital advertising ROI whilst positively impacting your carbon emissions across YouTube, Open Exchange and Green Marketplaces.

What sets us apart?

We curate sustainable deals which optimise toward attention, view through rate, viewability and more, whilst simultaneously reducing digital carbon emissions. Our reports include both advertising ROI plus carbon impact. Conscious Media offers regeneration initiatives within our Green Marketplaces

  • Increase ROAS

  • Reduce carbon emissions

  • Regenerate

Conscious Media’s Blueprint

Our offering gives brands increased performance and lowers carbon impact

  • 01


    High campaign performance across attention, VTR, viewability and more

  • 02

    Reduce Carbon Impact

    By utilizing Greenbids, Scope3 & partner tech, we reduce carbon impact and report against benchmarks

  • 03


    Through close collaboration with our partners, we craft tailored regeneration strategies for our clients

Conscious Media's campaign process

Brief / Setup

Tailoring our recommendations to match your brief, we curate the optimal product mix to drive success across your KPIs

Live & Optimise

Launch and optimise against both campaign and carbon KPI’s


Our reports include both standard KPI metrics and carbon impact reporting

Join our mission

We invite you to join our leading partners in the journey toward digital sustainability in MENA

Join us and make Conscious change